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If 7 bullets aren't enough to kill your enemy (considering it has laser and telescopic sights), don't take pistols with you at all.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Mountain Wolf is a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


The Mountain Wolf is a single-shooting backup weapon. Its most commonly used in medium ranges. The fire rate is good, capacity is low for its fire rate, and the mobility is low as well.


It appears to be a fancy silver reskin of the Desert Eagle, with yellow stripes, golden design on the handle and barrel, and a red integral laser sight. There is a mounted scope on the top of the barrel.


This pistol, being held in the player's right hand, shoots out regular bullets with instant bullet travel time. This weapon's accuracy decreases when spraying and praying and it can be used best in close to medium range. However, this weapon does possess a 2x zoom optic sight, which allows it to fight in a longer range.

When reloading, the player takes out the magazine and replaces it with another one, then triggers the bolt. It has no delay mechanics when 3-cat spamming.


This weapon has medium damage, fast fire rate, medium capacity, low mobility and a fast reload.


  • Use its scope for medium range. However, long range is not recommended as its scope does not have a dot in the middle that helps aim at long range.
  • This weapon can also be used at close range without the scope.
  • Aim at the head for the best results.
  • Some primary weapons such as the Undertaker can perform better at times. This means that this weapon should be used more as a backup weapon than your main weapon. This weapon do have a fast reload though. You should use this weapon if your primary weapon runs out of ammo.
  • It's recommended to equip max Backup DPS booster setup for the best result.
  • Pair this with Cowboy Hat, Hitman Mask and Bandolier for extreme fast reload.
  • Use this to weaken/finish off opponents.


  • Get in long range as this weapon performs poorly at long range. In long range, you should use a sniper rifle that is capable of a 1-2 headshots kill.
  • In close range, use area damage weapon to throw off his/her aim.
  • Strafe around with high mobility weapons forces him/her deplete its ammunition in no time.
  • Unlike some other weapons, waiting until the user runs out of ammo is not a good idea as it has a rapid reload.
  • High firerate weapon forces him/her losing control as he/she retreat.
  • Using this weapon yourself may be effective when countering.

Recommended Maps

Close to medium ranged maps such as Mafia Cottage or close range maps such as Pool Party.

Equipment Setups

  • Equip a sniper weapon for long range.
  • A fast firing weapon as primary.
  • High Mobility melee.
  • An area damage weapon to rocket jump.



Initial release.


This weapon received a new efficiency of 36, a combat level of 17 and 3 headshots kill.


This weapon was severely powercrept to 8 headshots kill as for balancing gameplay.


At one time in this update, it experienced a bug that dramatically improves its efficiency per shot with upgraded reload speed, but it was fixed a day later.


This and regular counterpart are both 4 headshots kill if fully upgraded.


This weapon is no longer obtainable from the Clans System.


  • It was an upgrade of Desert Eagle, as Mountain Wolf was 3 head-shots kill while Desert Eagle was 18 headshots kill in vice versa when the Combat Level Update was introduced.
  • This weapon has a similar name design to its original model, as "Desert" and "Mountain" are two types of biomes, and "Eagle" and "Wolf" are two types of predators.
  • This weapon is based off of the real world IMI Desert Eagle.
    • A real life Desert Eagle has a 7 clip.
    • Despite it's Gallery description, it is not possible to not have a backup equipped.
  • Despite being a reskin of the Desert Eagle (PG3D), it deals weaker damage in comparison in the same grade.

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