The Mummy Stalker is an enemy encountered in the Desert map and in Survival Mode.


Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 3 Heart new.png 4 Heart new.png Fast
Medium 3 Heart new.png 6 Heart new.png Fast
Hard 3 Heart new.png 7 Heart new.png Fast


It will dash at you, sticking to the walls as if possible to camouflage itself.


It has a yellow colored skin with a red mouth. It is merely just a reskin of the normal Stalker. In the older versions, it was an armless mummy with four legs and its skull visible. It had red and blue patterns all over its body.


  • Keep a distance from this monster, as it will use it's close-ranged attacks against you.
  • Eliminate groups of enemies with an Area Damage weapon.


Old rendition of the Mummy Stalker.


  • In the older versions of the game, they had legs similar to Minecraft Creepers and had a brighter yellow skin color with a face of Pharaoh Stalkers. The texture and model got replaced due to some copyright issues with Mojang.
  • In later updates Mummy Stalkers replaced the regular Stalker that spawn in Coop Survival.
  • It has several other counterparts being the Armored Stalker and the Pharaoh Stalker.
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