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The Mutation Cannon is a Special weapon added in the 21.8.0 update.




This weapon is a charge shot so it takes a few seconds before it can do full damage. Once the charge is ready the weapon will begin to emit a green glow at the barrel of the weapon as soon as the weapon is fired it will fire a green glowing ball of ooze that when it hits a enemy will turn them into a neon green see through mutant that has a visible skeleton.

When reloading, the player checks the jars and it refills the ammunition.



  • Use In Tight Hallways.


  • Use stone skin because of its bullet travel. Stone skin can be use in heavies when combining it with Magic modules, Damage raduis module and the reload speed module.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups



  • Initial release.


  • It is the third weapon to be able to turn players into another creature, the second being the Pew blaster, which turns players into beetle, and the first being the Witch’s Sheep Cauldron, which turns players into a sheep.
  • This weapon has only have random effects and no other weapon have this kind of ability to turn players in creatures.
  • If you get the weapon's skin from the skins chest and don't own it, you'll get an offer for it despite being an elite challenge weapon and still obtainable (as of now).
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