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This article describes the night version of this map. If you are looking for the day version of this map, see Christmas Town.

Night Christmas Town is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 9.1.0 update. It is a seasonal map where it returns in Christmas and is removed in early spring.


Like the day version, it is a mountain top village, red roofed, covered with snow, and a giant Christmas tree is in the middle of the village. On the side, there is a ski-lift, and behind the Christmas tree, there is a church that has a similar pattern to the lighthouse in Paradise Resort. The differences between this map and its counterpart are the glowing lights, lighten up houses and no ski lift.

In the 17.1.0 update, The whole map is now covered with snow and there are mini snow tunnels around the map.

In the 20.0.0 update, the ice around the map was given new textures and the music was changed to the Summer Adventure Lottery.


  • The top of the church tower and the bar are good places for sniping, although frequently switching places is recommended incase players track your location.
  • Try fighting players in close range, using close-range weapons.


  • There is a day version of this map on Team Fight, Unlike the night version, the day version isn’t filled up with snow and has a Nutcracker and a Mouseking Blimp
  • In the 15.9.0 update, a ghost version of the Female Suvivor can be seen on top of the clock tower.  She will approach you holding a rubix’s cube and drop the cube and vanish.
  • It used share the same track of Pumpkin Island but however in the 17.1.0 update, the music changed to the old Christmas Dinner track.
  • This map alongside its day counterpart was removed in 10.3.0 but returned in 11.2.0 but again removed in 11.4.0.



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