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This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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Night Hunting was a multiplayer map found exclusively in Deadly Games.


The map takes place in an area enclosed by world borders in the night, the map contains a mix of biomes including forests, mountains, and deserts. The middle of the map contains the starting area, where players spawn in during the beginning of the match.

A large mountain overlooking the starting area can be seen south from the starting ground while a forest can be seen north of the starting ground. A river runs throughout the map, which splits most of the biomes from the middle.

On the west side of the mountainous-like areas can be seen on both north and southwest corners, in which the south corner contains a camp and the northwest corner contains a small mine shaft and a waterfall. Meanwhile, there is a plains area between the two corners that contains a church.and a couple of trees

The eastern part of the map contains a village and a desert area, a temple can be seen in the far eastern corner of the map.

Finally, the forested area of the map contains a treehouse and a large cliff.

 Chest Locations

(NOTE: Some chests may not spawn at the start of the match. They may spawn throughout the match)

  1. In the forest, under the giant red mushroom.
  2. In the forest, inside the treehouse.
  3. In the river, on the bridge that connects the starting ground and the village.
  4. Underwater in the river.
  5. On the foot of the mountain, near a giant red mushroom.
  6. On top of the hill with a camp.
  7. On top of the church on the west side of map.
  8. Inside the mineshaft, near the blocked entrance to the cave.
  9. On top of the waterfall, inside a small cave where the water flows.
  10. Underwater near the waterfall.
  11. Inside the desert temple in the tomb.
  12. On top of the church in the village.
  13. In the basement of a small building in the village.


  • A daytime variant of the map is available called Afternoon Battlefield.
  • It was removed from the game in the 11.4.0 update, being replaced with Stadium.
    • It was actually a high popularity map like Afternoon Battlefield but was removed for the reason "replaced" but could have actually stayed by just adding Stadium.
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