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The Night Palace is a multiplayer map added in the 17.2.0 update.


The map is a reworked version of Emperor's Palace.

It is somewhat symmetrical, where each side consists of similar houses as spawns and does have a lot of details.

The edges of the map consists of clusters of red houses, with each fort having green roofs. It also contains a few red towers, mostly attached to the red houses. There are also a couple of tunnels and usually inside these houses and an elevated walkway on the left of the blue team's spawn. There are blue lanterns hung on the houses of the blue's respawn side, and red lanterns hung on the other side. On top of the side houses there are fireworks launchers, which fire colorful fireworks up to the sky. There is a panda wearing blue clothes practicing by punching the log that has the picture of Rubus on it. On the red side, there is a panda lying down and drinking the Explosive Lemonade and presumably having gotten drunk.

On top of the building in the center, there are spinning wheels with Rubus' face printed on them. These will continuously fling glowing sparks into the sky.

It also has 2 concrete walls with a yellow top on each one, along with 2 black lanterns in each wall placed symmetrically. It also has a staircase, which leads to the entrance area near the main gate. On the bottom of it, there is a pond. In the middle room, there is the Fantasy Sword and a chest. Near it is the throne room. where the demon Rubus sits on a throne, holding the sword.


Flag Capture

  • It is essential to kill the player who caught your flag and to return it, otherwise, you won't be able to score points.
  • Use the Jetpack and fly up until you reach your base.
  • Use the Rocket Jumper in order to easily capture flags and to travel back all the way to your base.
  • Use wall break weapons, which will make killing targets easier in long ranges, especially if there are many objects and structures that are blocking your sight.
  • A good source of protection is placing multiple Energy Shields and Turrets, in order to protect your base from suspecting enemies.
  • In most games, the main source of activity will be the elevated walkway connecting the two teams. Use Piercing Shot and Area Damage weapons to eliminate players in the area.

Point Capture

  • Try adding a Turret in the spawn of the opposing team.
  • Use the Snow Storm at an opposing player while they are trying to capture a point, slowing them down, making it easy to them finish off.
  • Use the Singular Grenade so that players won't be able to capture the targeted point for a few seconds.
    • Being pulled in a single area, finish them off with a powerful weapon.
  • Use a Heavy weapon in order to kill multiple enemies while they are capturing points.
  • Utilize Energy Shields to make it harder for the enemy to kill your teammates.
  • Area damage weapons make dealing with enemies attempting to your point(s) easier. Especially if the weapon has a large blast radius and/or damage.



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