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The Ninja Shurikens is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.3.0 update.


As seen, there are three shurikens, each stacked on top of one another. They have a white edge, black outline, and a red body.


The player throws the Ninja Shurikens from their right hand. They are thrown out in 3 different directions while inflicting high damage as well as making their opponent(s) bleed, causing them to take damage over time. This attrible makes them simlar to shotguns. When the gadget lands, they don't cause any area damage when landing on a random spot or 1-2 seconds after landing, unlike most throwing gadgets, but when they land on a player, it would damage them and kill them if the gadget has enough damage and the player is vulnerable enough to them.

The more Ninja Shurikens land on an opponent, the more damage is done. The Shurikens do not damage the user themselves, even though they deal area damage.



  • Take advantage of its bleeding effect to deal additional damage.
  • To guarantee a one-shot kill, use this in close range engagements so all 3 shurikens hit the enemy simultaneously.
  • Aim at the enemy's feet to increase your chances of hitting them, and for maximum damage.
  • Use this against multiple enemies in one line, because this has piercing shot.
  • Be sure to aim properly while using this gadget, otherwise, the shurikens will miss the targeted player(s).
  • Use this to counter melee users as they will try to approach you.
  • This gadget is perfect for throwing down hallways in maps like Silent School.
  • Try to use this in a small crowd of people rather than in front of just one person so that all three (or at least 2) shurikens will hit.
  • This is a weapon that has a very large hitbox as well as AoE when they hit a wall, despite it's appearance. Use that to your advantage and to surprise inexperienced players.
  • When dealing with a Tools gadget like Robot Samurai, always get close and aim to the head to deal the most damage.
  • The shurikens have a delay before throwing so you can use it when you are in cover and then quickly jump out.
  • At max level 65, they are almost a guarantee 1 shot kill, even at longer ranges.
    • Do not assume that it will instantly kill the enemy, make sure to prepare a weapon to attack them with before and after you use this.
  • Use it to weaken your opponent before finishing them off with a Shotgun/Automatic weapon.
  • Use these to kill or heavily damage heavy and category spammers that outmatch you.
  • Use this to finish off weakened opponents.
  • This paired with the Stealth Bracelet can create a deadly combo if you are a player who uses the Three Category Spam.


  • Stay away from corridors, such as in Pool Party or Silent School.
  • Rocket Jump or use a Pulling to Target weapon to distance yourself from the user, so they will be more likely to miss.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Use the Jetpack to fly above its user(s) and kill them from a distance.
  • Equip a Shield weapon such as the Sly Wolf or Spirit Mask to block out part of the damage.
  • Bring a weapon with high mobility to dodge the projectiles, such as the Neutron Pulsator or Double Cashbacks.
  • Try strafing or backing away if you see the Shurikens coming towards you.
  • If you got hit and manage to survive, quickly switch to a healing weapon, such as the Shell Bubbler or Heroic Epee as soon as you can, as its bleeding does devastating damage. As well, try to find shelter behind a wall, and look for pickups.
  • Use the Reflector (Gadget) to reflect the damage, if you and the user is still alive, finish them with your weapon quickly.
  • If death is inevitable, quickly activate the Denied! gadget to cancel out their point gain.
  • Use weapons with Gadget Blocker Abillity to block your opponent from using the Shurikens.
  • Using it yourself can be your last resort if none of the above work.


Stats Cooldown
Initial Tier 30 seconds
Tier 1 29 seconds
Tier 2 28 seconds
Tier 3 27 seconds
Tier 4 26 seconds
Tier 5 25 seconds
Tier 6 24 seconds
Tier 7 23 seconds
Tier 8 22 seconds
Tier 9 21 seconds
Final Tier 20 seconds



  • Initial release.


  • The Ninja Shurikens received a new upgrade.


  • The new upgrade was removed.


  • You can no longer deal self-damage with the Ninja Shurikens.


  • They were secretly nerfed.


  • These are based on real life Shuriken weapon.
  • Despite it's small appearance, it has an unrealistic massive area of effect.
    • Contrary to popular belief, ninjas didn't really use shurikens much. They were mainly used by samurais and Ashigaru soldiers.
  • There is/was a glitch where if you had your primary's "Turbo Charger" activated, switch to a different category, then activate the "Ninja Shurikens", the particle effect would still stay on any weapon, but have no effect.
  • You can no longer injure yourself if you use this against enemies in close range.
  • It is very popular choice of gadget among the Three Category Spam community.

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