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The Ninja Swordpad is a Melee weapon introduced in the 21.5.0 update.


It is a blogger-themed Melee weapon that features good damage, a high mobility, and a very fast charge time compared to other dash weapons.


It takes on the appearance of a futuristic Katana with a game console controller as the hilt. It has a white blade with the word "Game" on it. It also has yellow decals on the hilt.


This weapon is held up while charging and releases blue dash particles behind the player while sending them forward, When its Super Punch is activated the weapon releases lightning particles around it to signify that the super punch has been activated. The user will also swing left-to-right, instead of right-to-left, when the Super Punch ability is activated.

This weapon has a faster charge time than other charge melees although it does have a shorter dash distance compared to them, Paired with Shiv Module this will make it very speedy with it's fast charge speed and fast mobility but do note that it decreases it's damage so it will be less useful for offense.

Ninja Swordpad does have fixed delay, meaning it will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half a second.



  • This weapon performs similarly to the MED Surgery Module, but with a more accurate attack. Use this for both attacking and getting to places quickly
  • Dash to escape even if you are slowed down
  • After 2 hits, utilize the Super Punch attribute to deal Big damage
  • Apply the Alloy module to go even faster, maybe faster than the Double Cashback without dashing


  • Pick off its users from a long range.
  • Avoid close combat as you can easily be killed, unless you plan to ambush its users in Knife Party.
  • While risky, try to ambush its users with something like the Masterpiece Musket

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon is good for getting places due to it's Dash.png attribute, but not good for long ranged attacks. Use a powerful Sniper like Anti-Champion Rifle or an automatic Primary like Neutron Pulsator for long-ranged duels.



  • Initial release


  • This weapon itself is referencing a Fortnite streamer/YouTuber named Ninja.
  • This weapon is usable in the Magic Brawl despite it being cyber themed.
  • Due to a nerf to all weapons possessing the Dash.png attribute, the dash will only work when fully charged. This has been compensated by having all Dash.png related weapons deal increased damage.
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