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North Pole is a Multiplayer Map in Pixel Gun 3D. It is found exclusively in Deathmatch and Brawl.


According to the name, it may seem to be the North Pole, except with more details. It has a few cargoes placed around in various places, a research base, a small Snowcat vehicle, a giant satellite dome, iron tunnels and ice tunnels with wooden supports placed on the tunnel walls and top.


  • It is a close range map so use Heavy or other close range weapons often.
  • Try spawn-killing other players with efficient weapons.
  • Try climbing up into a high obstacle, then ambush players "out of nowhere".
  • A common tactic used in this map is rocketing jumping, then 3-cat spamming players on the ground. If you see or suspect this strategy is being used, stay inside the tunnels, constantly move around, or rocket jump yourself.
  • An effective strategy, since this is a small map, is to use a weapon or gadget with the Gravitational Force attribute to pull enemies to a single spot, then use a cluster bomb or similar weapon to get many kills.
  • Deploy an Energy Shield in the entrance/exit of a small tunnel, then use a Wall Break weapon to take out players.
    • In addition, to counter those who utilize this tactic, is to flank around to the other side, have a powerful 1-shot weapon at hand such as a shotgun or sniper and quickly peak in to kill the enemy inside.
    • Alternatively, use a Frag Grenade or Nuclear Grenade to flush them out.
  • If somebody fires the Ghost Lantern at you while you are in a tunnel, escape from the tunnel, and if possible, take out the player that tried firing the Ghost Lantern at you.


  • It is based off of the North Pole, except that a research base has been added. In reality, the North Pole likely wouldn't have a research base stationed there.
  • This map is Christmas themed and Winter themed, even though the common Christmas decorations are not present.
  • The Aurora Borealis can be seen in the sky around the map.
    • It can also be used as a background in the lobby. It's called the Northern Lights.
  • The 2 hidden Miner Weapons can be found in this map, which take their old design.
  • In a recent update, a fog was added around the map.
  • In the 12.5.3 update, in the Map Selection, the letters of this map's name became lowercased, except its initials (North Pole WDSArrow1.pngNorth Pole).
  • A small version of the Radar Station can be found in the Fort Objects.
  • The soundtrack is very similar to the Dead City map in the Raid game mode.


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