Used as a shovel customization in the "Battle Royal" mode.

—Official description of the Not a Shovel

The Not a Shovel is a royale shovel that can be used exclusively on Battle Royale.


It is used to aesthetically customize the shovel in Battle Royale.


It appears to be the Knight Sword but held backward. This weapon appears to be made from a diamond with a dark wooden handle. The pommel and the hilt are made of the same gem the blade is composed of.


This shovel is held in one hand. The player swings this shovel when attacking.


  • Hence its name, it is technically not a shovel. However, there are a few other "shovels" like the Toy Hammer and the Balloon Sword that are in the same category, but technically aren't shovels.
  • It is essentially a Royale counterpart of the Knight Sword. However, unlike the latter, it replaces the default shovel only for cosmetic purposes.
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