The Ogre Knight is an enemy in the Campaign.


It looks like an green ogre equipped with gladiator-type helmet and armor. It carries a round wooden shield and a double-bladed steel axe. The axe is presumably made of steel and the axe head has blood covered on it. The shield is presumably made of steel and wood.


It walks towards the player and swings its axe at them. It moves slowly though.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 23 Heart new 10 Heart new Slow
Medium 29 Heart new 13 Heart new Slow
Hard 35 Heart new 15 Heart new Slow



  • Its helmet greatly resembles one would use in a gladiator (specifically a Samnite) fight in Rome.
  • The ogre has many characteristics similar to the weapon, Gladiator.
  • It might have armor bonuses because of the shield and helmet, might be not.
  • Pixel Gun World has a boss version of this enemy. Difference being that it wields 2 axes and is faster.
  • It also inspired one of Pixel Gun World's trophies called  'Living Armor .

    Boss variation seen in PGW's arena mode

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