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Olympus is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 17.8.0 update. As its name implies, it takes place on Mount Olympus.


The map takes place on top of Mount Olympus in Greek mythology.

Each team's spawn room has a Greek god breathing fire for the red team and wind for the blue team on their side of the map. The spawn room also has various pieces of items such as vases and boxes, as well as banners corresponding to the team, a giant statue, and a satyr having the face of krampus controlling a ballista which flings players in the launching direction. It basically acts like a jump pad. On the fire side, burnt out trees can be seen and on the other side, ice can be found suggesting 2 opposing elements.

In the middle, there is a temple which houses various pieces of wall paintings, and a monument for the player's clan. On the second level of the temple, there is a large gong, and a room with a hallway with a teleportation portal that leads to the smaller floating temple.

At the front of the temple, there is a smaller island with a temple housing a portal leading back into the main temple. At the back, there is an aquaduct with water flowing from each side.


  • The temple's hallways benefits close range weapon and can be used to ambush other players.
  • Use the floating island as a vantage point to fire Heavy or Sniper weapons down.
  • Hide between solid objects if you want to reduce susceptibility of being hit by snipers, but try to be unpredictable in your patterns for best results.
  • Have double jump boots such as Berserk Boots or Ninja Tabi.


  • The map was released


  • The map is based off of Mount Olympus, the home of the gods according to Greek mythology.
  • It's possible that the map was originally made for the King of the Hill game mode, due to its layout and theme.
  • It's one of the few maps that feature existing skins. Specifically the Lava Titan and Ice Titan skins.
  • It's the only map preview screen to have beveled edges (shines along cubical edges to give them more detail).
  • This map shares its player-launching ballista feature with the map Lost World.


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