New orange Slime

The Orange Slime is an uncommon enemy in Area 52.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 5Heart new 3Heart new Moderate
Medium 8Heart new 4Heart new Moderate
Hard 11Heart new 5Heart new Moderate


It will inch its way over to the player, attempting to touch him/her. At the last second, it will give a boost in speed for a short while, closing the gap between the player and itself, in turn damaging the player.



This looks like a massive orange slimy slug. It has one eye and 4 black teeth. Its body is divided into four segments.

IMG 2082

The Old Orange Slime model.


  • The old slime model (which looks like the Slime from Minecraft) has been removed due to copyright issues with Mojang. It has now been replaced with the current model.
  • This monster could be a reskin of the green slime.
  • It has many counterparts;Green Slime, Red Slime and Ice Slime.
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