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The PGA-04 Doll is a Special weapon introduced in the 18.2.0 update.


The PGA-04 Doll is a large special weapon that is sort of Halloween themed. This weapon can be obtained from the Foundation Archive Lottery.


It resembles a toy doll inside a box. The box is green on the top and bottom with blue energy ripples acting as the sides in between. The corners of the box are golden. There appears to be a doll inside that has red hair and a white clothing. It is strapped in by a red belt with a yellow belt buckle on it.


When shooting this gun, it fires projectiles that look like the doll’s head. The projectiles have a fire trail that comes out when it is shot. Also, when this weapon is shot, the cage shakes briefly after the doll head comes out of it.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the PGA-04 Doll will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.



  • Use this weapon in a close range situation because it will be much easier to hit more shots.
  • Use the Halloween Mask with this weapon so that you will do more overall damage to your opponent.
  • Use the Voodoo Doll module to make the burning effect last longer.
  • Hit the enemy when it has the green skull above to deal more damage to them


  • Try to strafe and dodge the projectiles that it shoots. Jump around and move side to side.
  • Use a weapon that heals you to cancel out some of the burning effect.
  • Use the reflector so that the opponent will take half of the damage you take from this weapon.
  • Use a weapon that has a higher mobility so you can outrun the opponent if they are chasing you with this weapon.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a Primary or Backup weapon for dealing with enemies at close-medium ranges.



  • Initial release


  • It returned along with the other PGA weapons in the trader's van.


  • It returned in the Foundation Archive Lottery.


  • This weapon is held in a similar way to the Necklace of the Ice King.
  • This weapon appeared as the Gorgon Head for Apple and Amazon users who didn't update their game.
  • The PGA-04 Doll inside is based off the Annabelle Doll.
  • It is also most likely based on SCP-517, due to the whole "PGA" theme in the game being bsed on the SCP foundation.
  • It also somewhat resembles a recolored version of the Knitted Doll avatar from the Toy Season Battle Pass.

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