Parallel Monster

The Parallel Monster is an uncommon enemy found in the Parallel World Campaign level. It also is in the Arena (PG3D).


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 20Heart new 6Heart new Slow
Medium 26Heart new 8Heart new Slow
Hard 32Heart new 10Heart new Slow


This monster will slide towards the player, bumping into objects occasionally because of its big body. After being close enough to the player it will attack the player.



The Parallel Monster has a skin color of dark gray with a mix of grey and red just like Parallel World. It has three red eyes. Its pupil is dark red and its iris is scarlet; The middle eye is larger than the other two beside it. Both of its arms are in a forward position; The arm is at a rectangular shape. It has a mouth opening widely with teeth showing at the top and bottom of its mouth. Its arms shake uncontrollably when it chases you.


  • It is impossible to headshot this monster.
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