The Parallel Runner is a somewhat common enemy found in the Block World of Campaign.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 15Heart new 4Heart new Fast
Medium 19Heart new 6Heart new Fast
Hard 23Heart new 7-8Heart new Fast


Parallel Man

A full appearance of the Parallel Runner.


It will run towards you, taking the fastest route, and throw itself on you. It attacks in close ranges.


It has grey features and red on its body. It has a red face with a black spot on it, assuming it was its eye or its face. and additionally, it has cracks in some parts of its body. Presumably, the creature is possibly made out of stone or other substance.


  •  In older versions, the Parallel Runner has a striking resemblance to the Enderman from Minecraft. The reason it changed is because of some copyright issues from Mojang.

    The former looks of the Parallel Runner

  • It is unknown why it appears on Sky Islands instead of Parallel World.


  • Simply stay aware and stay away from these monsters.
  • Aim for the head to deal more damage to the monster.
  • Keep moving and evade monsters, try to stay away from the corners so that you wont get stuck or cornered.
  • The monster should be a monster actually from Parallel World from it's appearance.
  • Use any Automatic primaries such as Combat Rifle or Casanova.
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