The Parkour Challenge is a minigame introduced in the 12.0.0 update.

How to Play

Players have 10 minutes in order to reach the exit. Players need to avoid all of the dangerous obstacles. Death, whether it's an obstacle's fault or players fell down from the map, will lead them to their saved checkpoint.


There is only one map in this minigame:


This minigame has only one useful item:


  • This minigame may be based on the Roblox's Obby, where the player needs to avoid the obstacles to reach to the finish.
  • This and Extreme Run are the only minigames with a 3rd person perspective instead of a 1st person perspective.
  • It almost looks like the map Sky Islands due to the fact that some islands are In the air and the and where the player has to run.
  • Checkpoints cost 1 Gem.png to save at when the free checkpoint is used up, however players can acquire 2 free checkpoints to use before the game starts by watching a video which are then kept forever until they are used.
  • The mode is also a good way of farming coins and XP if you become an expert at the course, seeing as it gives 3 coins and 15 XP for a relatively quick finish (less than 5 minutes). Completing the course multiple times in around 3 minutes each will yield a good amount of coins and XP for the tickets you invest.
  • In the game files, this mode is called DeathEscape
  • Parkour Challenge is also a level in the campaign’s Virtual Worlds called “Jumpbox”. It is the exact same thing as the parkour challenge except it is played in 1st person, and there are enemies scattered across the map.
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