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One scientist got angry after being told "All physicists are dull". That is why he has created this elegant sniper rifle (we, scientists, are still no brawlers to go into close-knife fighting y'know)

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Particle Accelerator is a Sniper introduced in the 15.5.0 update, obtainable by crafting from 250 Legendary Gearicon.png.


It is a futuristic/laboratory themed weapon with a rarity of legendary, a fast fire rate, medium damage, medium capacity, and low mobility that is obtainable from the Lucky Chest in the form of 250 Legendary Gearicon.png. It’s bullets can ricochet, and it has a 10x telescopic zoom.


It is a futuristic/laboratory themed machine that has an orange and white body, and black internal structures with glowing teal details. Its barrel comprises of two parallel railgun barrels that retract into the body when fired, as well as two electromagnetic accelerators that rapidly spin. The weapon has a small stock, that is connected to a black grip with a red trigger. Above the body is a small telescopic sight with glowing lenses and crosshairs, as well as two nuclear fuses behind the scope that serve as the ammunition for the weapon.


This weapon is a 1-2 headshot kill, and a 2-3 bodyshots kill. This weapon's performance seems similar to the Comet's. It shoots a visible light blue particle beam which allows for a piercing shot (the same shot can go through multiple players) and a ricochet ability (the shot can bounce off walls). Moreover, this weapon possesses a telescopic sight with a 10x zoom, allowing sniping from long range. When an enemy is hit, the target is slowed down. And the ricochet increases the damage by 100%.

When reloading, the nuclear fuses behind the scope is taken out and is replaced by another one. It has both input and output delay meaning there will be a delay when switched from an output delay weapon and will give a delay to input delay weapons.



  • Use this weapon in medium-long ranges as the particle beam deals high damage- enough for a 2 shot kill to the body for players with the default armor.
  • Try to use this in tandem with other weapons as Exterminator or Necklace of the Ice King to finish the target off quickly.
  • Move and strafe around with this weapon to make other players harder to hit you.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage per shot. It is a 2 shot to the head.
  • Fighting in corridors and areas where close-range fights usually occur is a great way to bring this weapon's maximum potential to the battlefield.
  • Focus on one target, this weapon has a hidden slowdown ability, which allows you to hit a target a second or third time more easily.
  • Use it similarly to the Comet.
  • It’s weakness is high efficiency armor. It becomes a 2 headshot 3 bodyshot kill for players with Clan Armor.


  • Strafing around its user can be quite useful.
  • Avoid fighting without cover in tight corridors and small rooms against this weapon, as this weapon's ricochet trait makes hitting you easy.
  • Try sneaking up on the user with a shotgun, melee or instant-kill weapon.
  • In medium/long range fights, move around and strafe with a heavy or a primary. Be wary though, as an experienced player can aim and hit you easily.
  • Even though this weapon isn't a 100% 1 shot to the head, take note that it can severely cripple your health, allowing you to be finished off quite easily by any weapon, so be sure to try your best upon dodging it's shots.
  • Try and take cover after being shot, as it has a slowdown ability. The user might be able to kill you easily after the first shot.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Use this weapon with an automatic weapon, or other weapons that shares a similar theme, like the Industrial Nailer to finish off weakened enemies.


  • Initial release.
  • Damage increased by 25%


  • It returned in the deep dive lottery.


  • It's firing and reload animation was reworked.


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