Used as a custom transport skin in the Battle Royale game mode

—Official description of the Passenger Beetle

The Passenger Beetle is a Battle Royale transportation vehicle that can be used in Battle Royale and Racing.


It appears to be a large vehicle with four yellow seats, a joystick, six legs, an eye on the front and a pair of sharp teeth in the front.



  • Speed off in case of any oncoming players.
  • If the vehicle starts to smoke, run for it.
  • You are disarmed. Keep a high damaging weapon along with you in case of an attack.
  • You do not deal damage to other players while driving.
  • Try running over players. It is possible to take them out even while shooting. In this case, jump out of the car the second before you run over the player.


  • Shoot the vehicle to damage it until it explodes.
  • The vehicle cannot deal damage, so use this to your advantage.
  • Players become disarmed whilst driving.


  • It is one of the few transports that do not have wheels
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