The poisonous plant.

The Poisonous Plant, also known as Peashooter, is an enemy introduced in the 10.0.0 update that can be found in the Block World levels Village and Sky Islands and the Crossed Worlds level Swamp (Campaign).


This monster has a purple head with white dots around it, and it has green stems with green leaves at the ends, which are its feet. Also, it has a red tongue. The leaves act as feet for the creature. 




The Poisonous Plant shooting its green projectiles.

This monster will move towards you and when it is at a close enough distance, it will shoot green projectiles of acid from its mouth. Its projectile has the wall break effect. The shot produced by this enemy looks much like the solar power cannon.



Damage: 2 Heart new

Health: 8 Heart new

Speed: Medium


Damage: 2 Heart new

Health:12 Heart new

Speed: Medium


Damage: 2 Heart new

Health:16 Heart new

Speed: Medium


  • When fighting this enemy stay far away as the projectile has travel time, then proceed to strafe around the projectile.
  • Aim for the head to deal extra damage (This usually only helps beginners).
  • using a heavy weapon like the rocket launcher, one shots the creature.
  • Try rocket jumping over the projectile for a quick dodge.


  • It is based on the Peashooter from Plants Vs. Zombies, but with an appearance change. But it is also a mixture of the Chomper as well, for its giant like teeth.
  • This monster is used as a base design for other reskins of this monster one of them the Code Poisonous Plant
  • Some people say this is the most annoying mob
  • The official name of this mob was never confirmed, however, there is a Siege Turret based off this monster. That is also called the Poisonous Plant.
  • Similar to the Venom Soldier in Raid, its venomous projectiles also do area damage as well.
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