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The Perfect Rocket Launcher is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 21.1.0 update.


it is a light grey artillery with some steel blue coloring on the sides of the weapon and an orange arrow pointing towards the front of the weapon. The used rockets are taken out and replaced by a new set of rockets when reloading.


It is a decent heavy and is first to have the NoSelfDamage.png attribute, which can be very useful for rocket jumping. The only way to get this weapon is by upgrading the Battle Pass.


It has a fast fixed delay, so it is possible to 3CatSpam with it, although this weapon will hinder the max switching speed. It is recommended for casual players.

It deals average damage, but is still a good heavy overall due to its attributes.



  • Use it in close range.


  • Attack with a automatic or slow down effect weapon to prevent them from rocket jumping.
  • Avoid them getting near you.
  • Pick off users at long ranges.

Recommended Maps



  • Initial Release


  • It is based off of Phara's Rocket launcher from Overwatch.
  • Despite the weapon's name stating that it's perfect, its perfection is arguable.
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