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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D weapon. If you're looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Pet Dragon (PGW).
Feel yourself a Mother/Father of Dragons. Drakarys!

—Pixel Gun’s description from the Gallery

The Pet Dragon is a Special weapon introduced in the 10.0.7 update.


It is a small, black dragon that shoots flames which only work in close range. It has decent damage combined with the burning, a very high rate of fire, high capacity, and low mobility.


This looks like a much smaller version of the Dragon boss from campaign that rests on the player's right arm. It has black scales, a golden collar decorated with different colored gems. It has red and black wings, black legs, red horns, eyes, and spikes.


The small dragon sits on the player's hand. It emits flames from its mouth and much like most flamethrowers, it can only damage opponents in close range. It can also burn the opponents, making them deal damage from the burning effect too.

When reloading, the dragon faces the player and that player feeds them a cherry. It has no fixed delay, delay input or delay output.



  • Use it in very close ranges in order to kill somebody due to this weapon being a flamethrower. However, the Pet Dragon has quite a long range for a flamethrower.
  • Go for the weakened players for better ammunition conserving, quicker kill registering and a less complicated duel.
  • Take advantage of the weapon's Burning attribute on players, since the enemy will be damaged over time if attacked.
  • Target players who are using heavier weapons, as you can catch up and attack them. Either that or you could use the fastest weapon you have at the moment and then using the Pet Dragon when the enemies are within range.
  • Sit around a corner and ambush the enemy.


  • Keep moving and stay in large open areas. Use a long-ranged type of weapons like primary weapons.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Avoid engaging close combats with its users to minimize the risk of taking heavy damage.
  • This weapon does quick damage over quick time, so try and escape their vision.
  • Avoid the user after they reload, and attack quickly during their reload.
  • Weapons such as "Bastion" and Hedgehog are good counters to this weapon. They have a high efficiency, so they can kill the Pet Dragon user very quickly. Battle Mech can be used as well. However be aware when using area damage weapons (Bastion or the Pumpkin Thrower), because if you are too close to the explosion you could suffer from self-damage.


Information Image
  • Name: Bone
  • Cost: Vaulted at the moment, previously costed 300 Gem.png
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 16.6.0
  • Name: Cyborg
  • Cost: 200 Gem.png
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 16.6.0
  • Name: Green Dragon
  • Cost: Vaulted at the moment, previously costed 300 Gem.png
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 16.6.0
  • Name: Mythical Power
  • Cost: Depends on the player's level.
  • Quality change: EpicMythical
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 17.3.0

Recommended Maps

Any maps characterized by short to medium-short range except for Deadly Games maps and Knife Party.

Equipment Setups

As always, have a good primary weapon of choice (any kind of weapon you choose) and at least one weapon with a scope for long-ranged duels.

  • In terms of gameplay, this is one of the best flamethrowers for any newbies in the game, boasting an incredibly high DPS and decent burning damage. For obvious reasons, duels should only be kept in close ranges with this weapon. Aside from its solo capabilities, this weapon can be very effective in weakening opponent's armor and destroying gadgets such as the Robot Samurai.



  • Initial release.


  • The Pet Dragon received the Burning attribute.


  • Its efficiency was nerfed from 23 to 20. Although the weapon still performs the same.


  • This weapon got removed from the Armory.


  • The flame it shoots out is identical to the flames the Flaming Volcano shoots out.
  • The flames of the Pet Dragon is wider than the flames of the Flaming Volcano.
  • In maps, like Pool Party and Emperor's Palace, the flames will turn blue when the player is shooting the weapon underwater. The same goes for both the Flaming Volcano and Fire Demon.
  • It reloads by feeding the dragon with a cherry.
  • It is one of only two Dragon based weapons that is an actual dragon, the other being the Frozen Dragon, a higher-level re-skin.
  • Despite it being called Pet Dragon in Pixel Gun 3D, in the Pixel Gun Company's Facebook page when they said 'New update 10.0.7 is out', they intended to call it 'Real Dragon'.
  • This weapon can still be used effectively at the higher levels, making this weapon a great investment from the very start.
  • Its counterpart is about the same, except for the Burning and slowing down effects.
  • When the user runs out of ammo with this weapon, the Dragon shakes its head.
  • Despite its name, it is not a Pet but rather a weapon.


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