The Pharaoh Stalker was the boss of the Desert in Campaign in Block World. It now only appears on Waves 6+ in Arena.


It's a stalker who has an orange mouth, and 6 spider-like legs, covering most of its face. Unlike the Mummy Stalker, it is tinted burgundy. 

In the old versions, it looked like the old Mummy Stalker's model but red.


It will walk towards the player with very good maneuvering skills.

When it enters melee range, it will bash its head onto the player at a fast rate, dealing significant damage.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 18 Heart new 9 Heart new Fast
Medium 25 Heart new 11 Heart new Fast
Fast 32 Heart new 13 Heart new Fast



  • It is like the Armored Stalker, but it had a red scheme and a yellow mouth interior. Both of these are reskins of the original stalker
  • In the 10.6.1 update, it was replaced with the Pharaoh Golem, but it is still present in the Arena game mode.
  • It’s old appearance looked much like a reskinned Creeper from Minecraft.


  • This is one of the monsters with one of the highest health in the game. Paired with its speed and its damage, it might be one of the deadliest as well.
  • For beginners, try to avoid this monster at all costs. Equip a high mobility weapon to run away from them and attack from afar.
  • You can slow them or stop them with gadgets such as the Sticky Candy or Singular Grenade.
  • Use a weapon with the cluster bomb attribute to eliminate large groups of this enemy, such as the Christmas Ultimatum or Bedivere.
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