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Phobos 2 Station is a multiplayer map introduced in the 17.4.0 update.


It appears to be a space station on Phobos, the largest natural satellite of Planet Mars. The map is entirely interior and it features functional doors. On the top are glass roofs with visible solar panels outside, leading to an exquisite view of outer space and sometimes even a Mars like planet, and under the roofs are generally gray floors and walls. Some alien creatures can be found in containers in various laboratories of this space station for research and dissection. There are multiple cabins for crew members to rest, and shuttles docked by the station. As well as biology laboratories to study Martian life. Mechanical portal frames connect different wormholes across the map for quick locomotion. Another space station can be seen orbiting Phobos outside the map, and an astronaut, who will wave at the players.


  • This map has low gravity at the central area, so be cautious of your jump height when jumping.
  • This map features functional doors, so it allows you to traverse the map more easily.
  • Try to use medium-range weapons.
  • Since there is low gravity, you can dodge bullets more easily.
  • Try to be careful while moving in the corridors, especially in Team Strike, because it's very easy for someone to hide there.
  • Heavy section weapons are used a lot on this map so be careful!


  • Unlike most maps, there is zero-gravity or low gravity in this map, due to this map being Space-themed.
  • This map includes portals that allow teleporting from one spot of the map to another.
  • This map includes doors that can open and close.


  • It is the first map to introduce doors that can open and close.
  • "Phobos 2 Station" is also a correct name for the map.
  • Occasionally, a colossal alien worm can be seen poking out of the surface of the planet, reaching out into space before burrowing itself this is most likely a refernce to the Sandworms from Dune.
  • It appears that the A.I that is controlling station has gone rogue which is most likely a reference to HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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