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This weapon's recoil is huge, however the incendive ammo and a great scope make everyone want it.

—Photon Pistol's description in the Gallery

The Photon Pistol is a Backup weapon introduced in the 10.0.0 update.


Photon pistol is a energy themed weapon that shoots burning bullets. It deals decent damage with fast fire rate, decent capacity and low mobility.


It has a grey and light tan base, a light tan handle, and it has a grey and orange ammo clip. It also has a 2x zooming scope. The barrel front resembles the photon shotgun or the photon sniper rifle


Whenever the gun is fired, bullets will start coming out and fly through the air without travel time. The bullets will inflict burning attribute to the enemy it hits.

When the gun needs to reload, the player will take out the magazine located inside the handle and replace it with a new one. It has no delay animation. 



  • Its scope isn't accurate enough for long range attacks, so stay in close range areas.
  • Take advantage of the weapon's Burning attribute on players, since the enemy will be damaged overtime if shot.
  • Headshots can make the work short.
  • When used with precision and skill, it can kill about any player, including the well-armored ones.


  • Avoid the shots carefully by jumping or moving quickly enough, and attack the opponent before another shot.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • This gun has a really long reloading time. Wait for an enemy to reload then quickly finish them off with an automatic weapon.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Use a weapon or an accessory with better mobility for easier traveling around maps. Equip a sniper weapon for more successful long range combat. Equip a shotgun for close ranges like Undertaker.



  • Initial release.


  • The death animations, signs (e.g. 'HIT!' and Headshot icon) and bullet holes are removed possibly due to performance problems.


  • It got given the burning attribute.


  • It got removed from the lucky chest.


  • It got buffed.



  • Instead of enemies being disintegrates, they are vaporized and turn into orange dust.
  • This counts as an energy weapon due to the fact that photon is energy.
  • It was the only weapon with the Burning attribute that has a scope. However, with the release of the Photon Sniper Rifle, it is no longer the only one.
  • It is part of the trio of Photon weapons: The Photon Shotgun, The Photon Pistol, and the Photon Sniper Rifle.
  • This weapon strongly resembles the Pistol from DOOM (2016), however this weapon was released a year before DOOM (2016) so it might be just a coincidence.
  • As of the 13.5.0 update, this weapon got buffed and the efficiency was changed to 17. It also has a combat level of 14 when maxed upgraded, meaning this weapon has the potential to reach (Assuming each upgrade increases the efficiency by 2) 27 efficiency.
  • After attaching the clip in the reload animation, it glitches out, with the player moving his hand to the handle with inhuman speed.
  • This weapon is 5 headshots kill if fully upgraded.
  • This weapons grade was changed from Common to Rare in the current Upgrade System, however players who still have it in Common will not have the ability to max it to Mythical.


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