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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun World. It isn't in Pixel Gun 3D!
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The Pirate Hat is a hat introduced in the 3.0.0 update of Pixel Gun World.


It seems to be a black pirate hat with yellow details on it.



It has multiple effects:

  • It increases the explosion damage.
  • It increases the melee damage.
  • It decreases the reloading time of all weapons.


  • Shooting at a player with a Heavy weapon a little further than usual can make that player deal damage, so this tip is useful for players who are averagely (in)accurate.
  • Use the most efficient Melee weapons in order to maximize their damage.
    • Also, use them in close range and in close ranged maps.
  • Use this hat in order to decrease the reloading time of all weapons.


  • Stay away from the explosions and the Melee weapon users.
  • You can still attack players when they're reloading, so do that.


  • This hat can fit the Pirate skin.
    • This hat can also fit a player equipping the same skin, and with the pirate weapons set equipped.
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