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Pirates! is a multiplayer map introduced in the 6.0.5 update. It resembles two ships in the middle of the sea at battle.


There are two ships that both have stairs and two wooden boards that are attached to the boats which act like bridges placed in the middle of both ships. The setting seems to be a pirate ship attacking an imperial merchant ship. In team battle, the red team spawns on the pirate ship and the blue team spawns on the imperial merchant ship. There's a rope tied to each other on the steering wheel area and an island with a golden-colored chest on it. Pick-ups respawn there and there's a skeleton on it. Each ship has different flags, with the light-colored boat having a flag showing a blue shield, and the other boat's flag has a skull symbol drawn on it. Every few minutes a shark patrols the water. In Deathmatch mode the map is played in the day (removed) and in Team Fight, it's played at night. Behind the blue ship is a small sandy island resembling a hill with a giant white skull at the top of it. There is also a small, sandy island where a golden chest, a map, a shovel, a hole, a tree, and a skeleton is. The dug up hole on the island is the only place where items (Armor, Ammo, etc.) spawn at.


  • Do not fall into the water.
  • Use close range weapons, because this is a close range map.
  • Use Heavy weapons when you are fighting a player inside one of the ships.
  • Get the high ground by climbing up the sail.


  • This is the first map to have a night and day mode.
    • However, it no longer can cycle between night and day.
  • The pick up item beside the chest on the tiny island regenerates significantly faster than normal.
  • Using an Anti-Gravity potion, an Anti-Gravity Blaster, and Ninja Tabi, the player can jump onto the shipwreck behind the blue ship.
  • The golden chest on the small, sandy island is similar the chest in Minecraft.
  • There are sharks that circle the water below you.
  • The map was removed from Deathmatch in the 10.3.0 update.
  • In the 12.5.3 update, in the Map Selection, the letters of this map's name became lowercased, except its initials (Pirates! WDSArrow1.pngPirates!).
  • This map could possibly be at the Pixelated Sea.


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