The Pistol Soldier is one of the enemies found in Megalopolis


This enemy wears khaki desert camouflage, a combat helmet, gold-tinted goggles, a black tactical vest, and knee pads. Also, he can be seen using a jetpack on his back similar to what players use in multiplayer. He uses a Desert Eagle. This version of the Desert Eagle can no longer be bought in the game as the in-store Desert Eagle is permanently stuck in what used to be its up2 skin form. Unlike most other enemies, this one appears to be human.

Desert Eagle pic

The Old Desert Eagle skin


This monster will float around the map, until he detects thef player. The enemy will attack you from close to medium ranges with its Desert Eagle-like weapon. The enemy cannot fire unless a player is in his line of sight.


  • To defeat this enemy without taking damage, stay out of his sight and use long ranged weapons.
  • Slow this enemy with a weapon or gadget, such as the Proton Freezer or Sticky Candy.
  • He also has the shortest range, damage, and line of sight of all the soldiers.
  • They can not see you when invisible, so when low on health, use the Sword of Shadows or Stealth Bracelet to escape.


  • He carries a weapon similar to one available in the Armoury, the Desert Eagle.
  • If one stands on any obstacle above the eye-level view of this enemy in the Megalopolis map, it will not notice the player due to its short range.
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