For the weapon, see Pitbull (Weapon).
The Pitbull is an enemy that appears in Terrifying Resort and the co-op map Scary Pizzeria. It is similar to the Venom Nurse, Venom Soldier, and the Venom Spitter and some others because of these enemies' sounds and spit animations.


This that these and those Pitbull is similar to its real-life counterpart, except it posses a humanoid shape and robotic limb joints. It has black eyes and red dots. The mouth may be eroded, exposing a mechanical mouth. If you get behind it, you can see some exposes metal on the side of its head.

Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 20Heart new.png 3Heart new.png Slow
Medium 24Heart new.png 6Heart new.png Slow
Hard 28Heart new.png 7-8Heart new.png Slow


Much like any other ranged enemies in the game, It will limp towards you and spit out orange oil from its mouth when it's at a close enough distance, similar to the oil that the Alligator (Enemy) spits at you.



  • Its skin can be found in the Armory.
    • However, the skin is slightly different than the enemy version.
  • It is somewhat similar to the Venom Nurse, Venom Soldier, and the Injured Spitter in terms of behavior, appearance, dying sound.
  • It is badly damaged with exposed metal in a lot of places might explain its slow movement and its limp.
  • In an unknown update, Pitbulls now just follow players and do a attacking animation, And, for some reason, Pitbulls don’t fire projectiles anymore.
  • Like the other ranged monsters in coop survival, be careful as they shoot tons of balls at once that will kill you if you don't keep moving.


  • Counter this similar to how you would counter the Infected Nurse.
  • Remember, this has a travel time so attacking from afar.
  • For beginners, try to stay away from the face of this monster.
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