Pixel Gun Office is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 18.0.0 update. The map takes place inside a fictional version of Cubic.Games' office.


The map takes place inside a fictional version of Cubic.Games' office. The office takes place on of the upper floors of a skyscraper in a city. The office contains 12 rooms.

In the middle of the map, there is a reception area with a sign written as "Pixel Gun" over the main desk, and two doors with glass windows at the side of each room. The middle of the reception also contains various pieces of furniture acting as cover for the players. In the reception area, there are also 4 elevator doors, where a gem can be seen inside one of the elevators, trying to go inside to pick the gem up closes the elevator right before reaching the gem.

Each side of the middle of the map contains office blocks where various desks and computers can be seen setup. The office block on the left in particular is slightly taken over by the same code background seen in Inside the Code, where several actual bugs can be seen running around.

On the blue team's side, there is a prop room where assets of Shooting Range can be seen, as well as desks with computers on them. In addition, one of the rooms connects to the meeting room containing a large white desk in the center, and white shelves on each side. There is also 9 TV monitors showing the icons of various multiplayer maps. North of the meeting room, there is a server farm room containing a large server in the center with smaller server units on the side. There is a large containment unit called the "Bug Storage" where an Evil Bug is being held. On the far right of the blue team's side, there is a recording studio where a Lion can be seen playing on a drum set. The studio also contains various pieces of recording equipment such as speakers, mixers, and microphones.

On the red team's side, there is an armory with empty metal shelves. There is also a altar with an Ultimatum rotating around. In addition, there is a kitchen area connected in the middle section of the red team's side. The kitchen area has food items such as pizza boxes laid around, as well as bench for sitting. On the far left, there is a break room where a TV on a shelving unit and a couch can be seen. South of the kitchen, there is a storage room containing boxes and shelves.


  • The map mainly benefits short-medium range weapons due to its layout.
  • The middle section's vents can be used to ambush unsuspecting players from below.
  • Hide between solid objects if you want to reduce susceptibility of being hit by snipers, but try to be unpredictable in your patterns for best results.
  • Have double jump boots such as Berserk Boots or Ninja Tabi.


  • Initial release


  • There are various assets, posters, and images that refer to multiple aspects of the game itself, such as weapons, pets, maps, and currency.
  • In the reception area, there is an open elevator door with a gem pickup inside. When a player tries to get close to the gem, the elevator door will close.
    • If you manage to get in the elevator, you will be stuck. since there is an invisible barrier, and the doors will close.
    • Also in the reception area, there is a Shotgun hidden on the receptionist's side of the front desk, implying to be used for self-defense.
  • In the armory, there is a poster containing the images of a Combat Rifle and an AK-48. However, they use the actual names of their respective weapons in real life than their in-game names.
  • Behind the Ultimatum in the map has a sign that says "NERF". Apparently, this means that the developers are nerfing the Ultimatum, and this exists because many players requested for the Ultimatum to be nerfed many times.
  • Despite the Prototype's Gallery description saying it should be in this map, it is nowhere to be found


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