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The Pixel Gun Wiki Discord is a Discord server for the Pixel Gun Wiki. It is also the place to chat about Pixel Gun 3D or other non-related things, but it can also be used for chatting about wiki improvement. It was founded by SurpriseYou1, but it's currently owned by JustLeafy.

Note: This Discord server is not affiliated with Cubic.Games or Pixel Gun 3D. For the official Pixel Gun 3D server, join it here.


The wiki server was created back in December 2017, and at that time, there was no true historical event, other than everything being normal, with the discussion of Pixel Gun 3D and the wiki. It gradually became more popular, with the server count being up to 600 because there was no official Pixel Gun 3D server back then, so this server was one of the closest things to a Discord server where Pixel Gun 3D players can chat and socialize.

In late 2018, a few wiki staff members slowly made a large number of off-topic channels, so the former server owner, iDreamSpace, had to purge the server by deleting all of the channels and remaking the server with a new set of channels.

For smaller reasons, like a small change to roles and/or the server channels, the server kept getting purged multiple times ever since then, which was rather a superseded move for a server with 600 members because the change could've just been reverted instead.

This community became less inactive ever since the grand opening of the new official server, the Pixel Gun 3D Discord server, on March 29, 2019. The existence of the new server also made the server owner temporarily semi-active.

In early May 2019, unusual decisions were made, like kicking most of the more inactive members and turning the entire server into a server without rules, destroying the server's organization, mainly for satirical purposes.

The current owner of the current server got banned from the former server for being involved in such activities and the server was ruined. Several days later, SurpriseYou decided to create this server for a new leaf of the Pixel Gun Wiki's Discord server. Sometime later, Ender Creeper14 then became in charge of owning the server because SurpriseYou announced his inactivity in the summer, but since Ender Creeper14 was also inactive, he transferred ownership to JustLeafy, and ever since then, the server kept growing into a bigger community and became more organized over time.

On July 24, 2020, the server has reached a thousand members, and later on, in August, the server has become more active in terms of chatting.


  1. Register your account on Discord if you have not done so already. It is recommended to download a client for the device you are on. It is mandatory to download the app on mobile. However, for desktop, it is not mandatory to do so, although doing so provides more functions.
  2. Use this invite link to join the server, or you can alternatively click the "Connect" button on the Discord integrator found on the sidebar, then follow the instructions given. (Please turn JavaScript on in your browser settings as it is required for the integration to function.)

Note: Discord is not currently available in Mainland China.


For starters, consider the wiki rules in full effect, so please read and follow them.

As of August 6, 2019, these rules are strictly in effect, without any exceptions or excuses. All rules also apply to all staff.

As of October 11, 2020, these rules went through some changes to fit with the current situations.

1. Follow the channel topic

  • Generally, since this is a wiki server, you should act like how you normally act in the wiki: constructive, helpful, etc. This is a place for players to thrive and learn knowledge regarding the game, though fun and off-topic chat are allowed, too, on their respective channels.

Usage of bots

  • You should only use bot commands in #🤖bots-commands, for some exception like Dank Memer and OwOBot, use them in their respective channels.


  • Try to speak English all of the time, and use other language in #international.

2. Use common sense

  • Do not spam in any channel, which doesn't make your exp go up faster, only to lead you to a mute.
  • NO copypasta.
  • No mass mentions because that's just annoying overall. Try to minimize the amount of pings you used when they are in chat.
  • Impersonating a staff or harassing others is not allowed. If you do it and it goes too far, you might be banned.
  • Planning a raid for this server is not allowed as well as participate in a raid on this server. You will be banned on sight.

3. Keeps it PG-13

  • Mild swearing is allowed, but there are some words that the staffs decided to make it sensored. Do not swear frequently and don't use strong swear words. Using these words to harass others is not tolerated.
  • No overly sexual or explicit discussions. NO nsfw or bordering nsfw in any kind (Text, Image, etc).
  • Bypassing the filter is not tolerated and will result in mute and even ban in extreme cases. Bypassing via nicknames and pictures/memes is also not allowed.

4. Follows Discord Tos

  • As we are a discord server, we must follow the discord tos. All rules below applies ALL OF THE TIME.
  • Links:


Punishment system is divided into 3 sections as follow:

  • 1. Normal warn (Verbal/Infraction/Dyno-warn)
  • 2. Serious warn (Infraction/Dyno-warn/mute/kick/ban)
  • 3. Extreme (Mute/kick/ban)

Here are the reason that you can be put in the punishment system as follow:

  • Group 1
    • Bad word Usage
    • Spam
    • Bypass
    • Mass emoji
    • Mass mentions
    • Flooding chat
    • Promotion in wrong channels
    • Bot commands in wrong channels
    • etc.
  • Group 2
    • Excessive swearing/bypassing
    • Excessive spamming/mass mentioning
    • Copypasta
    • False reports, spamming in serious channels
    • Asking for permissions
    • Toxicity
    • Encourage others to bypass rules/to break rules
    • Flame wars/Drama
    • DM advertising
    • Inappropriate name/pfp/nick
    • Nsfw/borderline Nsfw Impersonating
    • etc.
  • Group 3
    • Raiding
    • Scamming
    • Racism
    • Mute/Ban invading
    • Asking for unban
    • Not following Discord ToS (Including underaged, sending virus, and more)
    • etc.

Finally, have fun!


Name Topic
Information Informative channels. They mostly inform and/or announce news about the game or the wiki.
#info-and-rules Information channel. Contains a link to this page.
#announcements See the latest news and announcements regarding the wiki and this server.
#external-news See the latest news and announcements regarding Pixel Gun 3D and Fandom.
#polls Staff of this server post a poll and the user can vote on it.
#joins-and-leaves See the users who recently joined and left the server.
#logs Shows auto-moderation logs. Only visible to the staff of this server.
#daily-tasks Sometimes, a new task comes and it is heavily randomized. Anybody is welcome to do the task.


  • Doing 2 tasks: +wiki editor role (can access #tasks-notes-and-drafts)
  • Doing 5 tasks: +rollback (can revert vandalism in one click)
  • Doing 10 tasks: +content moderator (can delete/protect pages & can even lightly moderate this server too!)
#hepi-god-shrine A channel where people can ask JustLeafy any question they like.
#fact-of-the-day A channel where people can share fun facts about the game, or even just mess around with off-topic fun facts.
Discussion This is the category in which the channels in it allow discussion about general topics.
#general General discussion.
#off-topic For off-topic discussion.
#memes-and-media For posting random pictures, memes, GIFs, and videos.
#promotion For promoting your Discord servers, YouTube channel etc.
Bot Spam Channels that allow spamming bot commands.
#bot-commands For using and spamming bot commands.
#dank-memer-bot For using and spamming Dank Memer bot commands.
#owo-bot For using and spamming Owo Bot commands.
Pixel Gun 3D Channels that allow discussion about Pixel Gun 3D
#pg3d-discussion Discussion about Pixel Gun 3D.
#weapons-and-loadouts Discussion about weapons in the game and loadouts in general.
#clans Discussion about clans in the game. Any form of clan advertisement is authorized.
#strategies Discussion about tips and tricks in the game.
#all-modes Discussion about game modes. Sharing match results is authorized.
#fanart Share Pixel Gun 3D fanart in here!
Wiki Talk Channels that allow discussion about the Pixel Gun Wiki
#wiki-discussion Discussion about the Pixel Gun Wiki.
#wiki-questions Questions about the Pixel Gun Wiki that will be answered by the wiki staff (wiki editors are also allowed to answer).
#wiki-reports One can report vandals and spammers in this channel.
#wiki-help One can ask about how to fix their basic editing problems or receive technical wiki help.
#wiki-suggestions Suggestions for the Pixel Gun Wiki.
#code-help Technical help for templates and styling.
#pg3d-youtuber-pages A feed that shows the creation of articles of Pixel Gun 3D YouTubers. Locked to wiki editors.
#tasks A place where wiki editors can put their small to-dos. Locked to people who don't have the wiki editor role.
#notes A place where wiki editors can write down undocumented facts about the game before putting them on one or more wiki pages. Locked to people who don't have the wiki editor role.
#drafts A place where wiki editors can create drafts for their potential pages. Locked to people who don't have the wiki editor role.
Restricted Private channels in which could be visible to staff members and punished people.
#tasks-notes-and-drafts A channel for doing tasks, notes, and drafts for the wiki. It can only be viewed by wiki editors.
#the-meeting-room A channel private to staff only, mainly where they can chat and suggest quick changes to this server.
#vip-lounge A channel private to VIP members.
#hepi-chat A channel for spamming hepi emojis for fun.
#fish-chat A channel for spamming fish pog emojis for fun.
#hall-of-shame Channel for muted users to chat in. If they misbehave again on this channel, they will be banned from this server.
Support A category containing chatting channels, but questions and requests go there, not normal chatting.
#questions A channel to ask any question whether it's about the wiki, the server, the game or Fandom, and an answer will be given.
#color-request For requesting a color. 20 colors can be chosen. There is slowmode for a request, so it is advised to choose a color wisely.
#discord-suggestions For suggesting improvements for the server.
#discord-reports For reporting misbehaving users on the server.
International A category containing chatting channels for different languages.
#francais A channel for French-speaking users.
#espanol A channel for Spanish-speaking users.
#chinese A channel for Chinese-speaking users.
#japanese A channel for Japanese-speaking users.
Fun & Minigames A category containing channels with the most amount of fun and/or least amount of rules.
#hepi-chat One can spam hepi emojis on this channel.
#fish-chat One can spam fish emojis on this channel.
#ban-the-person-above-you A minigame where one must say to the person in the post above them that they're banned with a reason why.
#caption-the-image-above-you A minigame where one can give any caption they like for the image above them. They must also upload an image themselves afterward so that the person below them can caption their image too.
#chat-war A minigame where one kills the person above them with any sort of offense.
#counting-channel A minigame where one can count.
Voice The category of channels that allow voice chatting instead of text chatting.
α voice Voice channel #1.
β voice Voice channel #2.
CubicRadio Voice channel used for playing music.
AFK AFK voice channel.


Staff roles
  • Server owner - The person that owns this server. They have two additional permissions: editing all roles and deleting the server. Only one person (JustLeafy) can have that role at a time.
  • Honorary server founder - The person that founded this server. Automatically given a server developer role to accompany with their duties. Only one person (SurpriseYou1) can have that role.
  • Wiki founder - The person that founded this wiki. Automatically given a server developer role to accompany with their duties. Only one person (the founder, which is Galli2001) can have that role.
  • Wiki manager - A paid Fandom staff member that manages and organizes the wiki. See w:Help:Wiki Manager for more info.
  • Server developer - Has all general permissions (including administrator), text permissions and voice permissions.
  • Server moderator - Has all general permissions (excluding administrator), text permissions and voice permissions.
  • Wiki administrator - Has all general permissions (excluding administrator and server overview management), text permissions (excluding sending TTS messages) and voice permissions.
  • Wiki moderator - Has all general permissions (excluding administrator, server overview, role, webhook and channel management), text permissions (excluding sending TTS messages and mentioning everyone) and voice permissions.
  • YouTuber - A Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber with at least 500 subscribers.
  • VIP - identifies the people who contributed to the wiki or the server well. They can manage emoji, manage messages, request their custom color and they even have their own channel.
Other roles
  • Wiki Editor - a role that unlocks channels for YouTuber articles and channels for tasks, notes and drafts. One needs to have 50 edits and DM JustLeafy a link to their page.
  • Bot - identifies what is a bot and not human.
  • Muted - mutes the person, but still allows them to chat in #hall-of-shame.
  • Member - default role given to everybody.
Color roles
HTML name Hex code RGB code HSL code
Black #000000 0, 0, 0 0°, 0%, 0%
DarkGray #A9A9A9 169, 169, 169 240°, 1%, 66%
LightGray #D3D3D3 211, 211, 211 0°, 0%, 83%
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255 0°, 0%, 100%
Pink #FFC0CB 255, 192, 203 350°, 100%, 88%
Magenta #FF00FF 255, 0, 255 300°, 100%, 50%
Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0 0°, 100%, 50%
Burgundy #8B0000 139, 0, 0 0°, 100%, 27%
Brown #8B4513 139, 69, 19 25°, 76%, 31%
Orange #FF8C00 255, 140, 0 33°, 100%, 50%
Beige #D2B48C 210, 180, 140 34°, 44%, 69%
Yellow #FFFF00 255, 255, 0 60°, 100%, 50%
Olive #808000 128, 128, 0 60°, 100%, 25%
Green #008000 0, 128, 0 120°, 100%, 25%
Lime #00FF00 0, 255, 0 120°, 100%, 50%
Cyan #00FFFF 0, 255, 255 180°, 100%, 50%
Teal #008080 0, 128, 128 180°, 100%, 25%
Blue #0000FF 0, 0, 255 240°, 100%, 50%
Navy #000080 0, 0, 128 240°, 100%, 27%
Purple #800080 128, 0, 128 39°, 100%, 50%

Server Staff

Discord Name Status Role
JustLeafy Wiki Leader, Server Owner Active
SurpriseYou1 Honorary Server Founder, Server Administrator Currently not on Discord
Galli (Wiki Owner) Wiki Founder, Server Administrator Active
SlyCooperFan1 Wiki Manager Active (only in emergency situations)
Minecraftian47 Server Administrator, Wiki Developer Active
Ender Creeper14 Server Administrator, Wiki Developer Active
DisTNTcord Server Administrator, Wiki Developer Active
The Real Brave Adventurer Wiki Moderator Active
Kat058 Server Moderator, Wiki Moderator Active
Low Skilled Blue Newbie Server Moderator, Wiki Moderator Active
Herobrine9809 Wiki Moderator Active
Cuncon47 Server Moderator Active
TheDemon08 Server Moderator Discord Only

Former Server Staff

User Former Role Demotion Reason
IDreamSpace Server Developer Agreement by other staff
Pg3d haters are dumb as heck Server Moderator
A Baka Dragon (A.K.A. バカドラゴン) Server Moderator
Doom Server Moderator Agreement by other staff