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Welcome to the Pixel Gun Wiki; a fabulous wiki that any registered user may edit! Like any perfect wiki, this wiki has rules that must be followed to avoid being BLOCKED. Please read this page to review our editing protocol.

Welcome to the Wiki!

Welcome to the Pixel Gun Wiki, <insert name here>! We are proud to have you here on our wiki. Please visit our New User Guide to help you get started!


Editing is every time you click the "Edit" button at the top of a page and click publish (or Save page if editing by using VisualEditor). Whether it's a bad or good edit, every edit goes down in history. It will also go in the recent wiki activity, but it will be gone at a certain amount of time. 

Effective December 26th 2014, you are required to have an account to edit.

Editing in Good Faith

For information about Good Faith, see here.

Making Good Edits

What is a Good Edit?

What does making good edits mean? It means don't add pointless information to the wiki! For example, adding the line "The Prototype is amazing!" is a pointless edit, because it is an opinion, not a fact! Note that opinions are NOT Good Edits! Or deleting the entire "Trivia" section on a page. This is called "Vandalism" and is discussed in another section of this page. Making pointless edits is POINTLESS so don't make them.

A good edit is adding helpful information that'll benefit the community! Adding stats to infoboxes is making a good edit. Describing the function of the Snowball Gun is a Good Edit. The best places to start helping out to make Good Edits are the pages with an Article Stub category. Start clicking on those pages and edit as many as you can! 

Farming Badges

Farming badges is a BIG NO-NO here. We've had several incidents of farming badges here. Farming badges will result in a block, and during the block, you will not appear in the badge leaderboards, so don't start!

What is Farming Badges?

Farming badges is when you add pointless images or information to get badges and then delete whatever you just added and start again.


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What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is another BIG no-no here. Vandalism is when you remove either a part of the page (light vandalism) or all content on a page (heavy vandalism). 

Vandalism is POINTLESS

Why vandalize? Every user on this wiki has a button called "Undo". This allows you to UNDO the harm the vandal did. Or even simpler, we have rollbacks that can do the job even quicker. Every page has a Page History which allows us to visit previous versions of the page.