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Wiki Rules

Like any other perfect Wiki, this one has rules that registered members must obey to avoid being blocked from the wiki. Please go through the following rules to avoid the risk of getting banned:

1. Editing Rules:

  • 1.1. Do not add false categories.
  • 1.2. Do not add random spaces (or categories) and edit the page and delete what you just edited.
  • 1.3. Do NOT vandalize! Vandalism will result in a block.
  • 1.4. Do not add random photos or pictures and then delete them just to get badges. This is called farming badges and is absolutely not tolerated in this wiki.
  • 1.5. All pictures must be appropriate.
  • 1.6. Do not include opinions, glitches, or any unofficial content. These are not good edits.
  • 1.7. Do NOT create irrelevant categories.
  • 1.8. Do not make inappropriate edits (inserting swear words, sexuality etc.)
  • 1.9. All pages must be relevant. Please do not create irrelevant information when you create a page, or at least create an incomplete page with relevance.
  • 1.10. Do NOT EVER edit ANYBODY'S USERPAGE, unless if you are trusted as a friend of that user in real life.

2. Commenting Rules:

  • 2.1. Remember, this wiki is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with RiliSoft, so raging against the wiki makes no difference.
  • 2.2. Use appropriate language (no bullying, no inappropriate language, no harassment).
  • 2.3. Respect all other users and their opinions. Constructive criticism is welcomed in this wiki, as long as it isn't made in a rude way.
  • 2.5 Do not post hacks. Hacks give unfair advantages over others and hacking Coin.png and Gem.png is like stealing from RiliSoft.
  • 2.6 Do not spam, especially the spam which are large chunks of completely irrelevant text.
  • 2.7 Do not start or engage in flame wars.
  • 2.8 Sexuality in comments is NOT allowed.
  • 2.9 Do not talk back to any member on this wiki.
  • 2.10 Do not encourage blocked users.
  • 2.11 Do not badmouth.
  • 2.12 Do not copy and paste the warnings that you have received onto other users, making these users falsely accused of nothing.
  • 2.13 Do not message more than 3 users at a time, regarding any memes/jokes, as that's considered spam.

3. Chat Rules:

  • 3.1. Use APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE at all times.
  • 3.2. Do NOT harass another user.
  • 3.3. Do not spam the chat.
  • 3.4. Do not be sexual, and don't "try to find a BF/GF" either. This is a chatroom for discussing about the site and/or the game, not for dating.

4. Account Rules:

  • 4.1. Use an appropriate username.
  • 4.2. Use an appropriate profile picture.
  • 4.3. Keep your profile masthead clean (No cursing, racism, or inappropriate content).
  • 4.4. Inappropriate content in either the username, profile picture, masthead, or profile page will result in a block.
  • 4.5. No Impersonations.

5. Other Rules:

  • 5.1. Do NOT encourage blocked users!
  • 5.2. Do not argue against a block. Arguing against a block will simply make your block longer.
  • 5.3. Do not create alternate accounts! That is called sockpuppeting and sockpuppeting will lead to serious punishment on your main account.
  • 5.4. Hackers WILL DEFINITELY be blocked from this wiki.
  • 5.5. Do NOT remove administrator warnings from your message wall. Those are to keep track on how often you have been warned. Removal of a warning from your wall will result in an automatic 2 week block.
  • 5.6. No plagiarism.