Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, staff members can access a few additional functions.

Sentinel Abilities

  • Deleting and un-deleting pages, page histories, and uploaded files.
  • Locking (protecting) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights or auto-confirmed status.

Moderator Abilities

  • Can manage Discussions as a whole
  • Can manage categories and announcements in Discussions
  • Can edit posts and replies in Discussions
  • Can delete posts and replies in Discussions
  • Can lock posts in Discussions

Administrator Abilities

All abilities above, plus the following abilities:

  • Blocking IP addresses or user names from editing; and very quick "rollback" of undesirable edits.
  • Editing the interface by changing system messages.
  • Renaming an article to their old name.

Bureaucrat Abilities

  • Can make other users into Bureaucrats or Administrators on their own wiki.
  • Bureaucrats can also give users the ability to "Rollback" edits not made in good faith.


The following Staff Members have been organized via join date.

User Rank Wiki Status Discord Status Edits
JustLeafy Leader Active Active Special:Editcount/JustLeafy
Galli2001 Founder Inactive Inactive Special:Editcount/Galli2001
Coriidor5 Co-Founder Inactive N/A Special:Editcount/Coriidor5
SurpriseYou1 Server Founder Inactive Inactive Special:Editcount/SurpriseYou1
SlyCooperFan1 Wiki Manager Active Active Special:Editcount/SlyCooperFan1
Desperaterussian Game Developer Semi-Active Semi-Active Special:Editcount/Desperaterussian
Minecraftian47 Senior Admin Active Active Special:Editcount/Minecraftian47
Ender Creeper14 System Admin Semi-Active Active Special:Editcount/Ender Creeper14
Luy117 System Admin Semi-Active Semi-Active Special:Editcount/Luy117
DisTNTcord Community Admin Active Active Special:Editcount/DisTNTcord
The Pie Overlord Community Admin Active Active Special:Editcount/The Pie Overlord
BADBOSS1 Moderator Active Active Special:Editcount/BADBOSS1
LDR NooBPlayz Moderator Active Active Special:Editcount/LDR NooBPlayz
Mlgdash Moderator Semi-Active Inactive Special:Editcount/Mlgdash
NPCWhosDeadshot Moderator Active Active Special:Editcount/NPCWhosDeadshot
AndrewisAndrew Sentinel Active Active Special:Editcount/AndrewisAndrew
EliteStarGazer Sentinel Semi-Active N/A Special:Editcount/EliteStarGazer
Great Killa OE Sentinel Active Active Special:Editcount/Great Killa OE
HerbivoreTheCarnivore Sentinel Active N/A Special:Editcount/HerbivoreTheCarnivore
Low Skilled Blue Newbie Sentinel Semi-Active Active Special:Editcount/Low Skilled Blue Newbie
M!necraft14 Sentinel Active Inactive Special:Editcount/M!necraft14
NOTNA YT Sentinel Semi-Active N/A Special:Editcount/NOTNA YT
RVictus7 Sentinel Active Active Special:Editcount/RVictus7
The Real Brave Adventurer Sentinel Active Active Special:Editcount/The Real Brave Adventurer
Trilexter Sentinel Semi-Active N/A Special:Editcount/Trilexter
Undoubtedly Strange Sentinel Active N/A Special:Editcount/Undoubtedly Strange
Sidemen19 Discord-Only Mod Inactive Active Special:Editcount/Sidemen19
TheDemon08 Discord-Only Mod Inactive Active Special:Editcount/TheDemon08

Former Staff Members

These members have formerly been part of our staff. This table indicates the name of the demoted staff, their former rank, their edit count, and their demotion reason. 

User Rank Edits Demotion Reason
ApplerGamers Head Bureaucrat Special:Editcount/ApplerGamers Retirement
12Monster21 Bureaucrat Special:Editcount/12Monster21 Inactivity
Bashihbk01 Bureaucrat Special:Editcount/Bashihbk01 Agreement by other bureaucrats
BLAH AND YAK Bureaucrat Special:Editcount/BLAHBLAHBLAH AND YAKYAKYAK Inactivity
RemixMaster3.O Bureaucrat Special:Editcount/RemixMaster3.O Inactivity
GoldMan27 Administrator Special:Editcount/GoldMan27 Retirement
SurpriseYou1 Administrator Special:Editcount/SurpriseYou1 Retirement
GhastAssassin123 Head Moderator Special:Editcount/GhastAssassin123 Inactivity
Equinox the SeasonWing Moderator Special:Editcount/Equinox the SeasonWing Retirement
KilljoyGaming Content Moderator Special:Editcount/KilljoyGaming Underaged
KingMoses5380 Moderator Special:Editcount/KingMoses5380 Retirement
PG Ender 999 Moderator Special:Editcount/PG Ender 999 Agreement by other staff
T1Crossfire Moderator Special:Editcount/T1Crossfire Retirement
Einarly Discussions Moderator and Content Moderator Special:Editcount/Einarly Agremment by other staff
Cheese Immortal Head Rollback Special:Editcount/Cheese Immortal Inactivity
FrostRC Head Rollback Special:Editcount/FrostRC Retirement
8 Bit Heroine Rollback Special:Editcount/8 Bit Heroine Inactivity
Bucketman4 Chat Moderator Special:Editcount/Bucketman4 Inactivity
Holy Hobo Chat Moderator Special:Editcount/Holy Hobo Inactivity
Mr TR011 Rollback Special:Editcount/Mr TR011 Inactivity
Usyler Rollback Special:Editcount/Usyler Inactivity
VendettaVisionGuy Rollback Special:Editcount/VendettaVisionGuy Agreement by other bureaucrats

How do I use administrator powers?

See this page for a guide on using admin functions.

Becoming a Staff Member

If you want to become a staff member on this wiki, go to this page to see the requirements.

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