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This article describes the Pixel Pass. For the removed variant, see Battle Pass.

The Pixel Pass is a task and reward system feature introduced in the 21.7.0 update. It is a revamp of the old Battle Pass system.


When the player opens the Pixel Pass menu, the player will see a list of tasks and challenges. When they complete those challenges, they will get a number of Battle Crowns, which can be used to level up and give possibilities to accumulate rewards.

To get all the rewards, the player must buy the pass with Pixel Tickets, which can be obtained from the Pixel Pass itself, converting Battle Credits to Pixel Tickets, or from In-App Purchases. Otherwise, they will only be eligible for select rewards.

When a player reaches the max tier of 58, each time they fulfil the number of the Battle Crowns, they will be awarded with a Mythical Skins Chest. The chest can be obtained an unlimited amount of times as long as the player fulfils the requirement.

Pixel Pass Levels

There are 70 tiers in the first pass, 63 tiers in the second pass, 56 tiers in the third pass and 70 tiers in the fourth pass. Tiers can be skipped without Battle Crowns via Pixel Tickets.

Pixel Pass

When activating a Pixel Pass, the player will receive the following:

  • Access to all rewards in the pass.
  • Access to season challenges.
  • An avatar and a weapon.

The cost to activate the Pixel Pass is 480 Pixel Tickets.

Tasks and Tips

Main article: Battle Pass Tasks and Tips

Pixel Pass Seasons

pencil-small Pass Seasons?action=edit pencil-small Pixel Pass Seasons



NOTE: The information in this section logs only changes with the feature itself and the bug fixes that were applied to it, not the changes of the season.

  • Initial release.
  • Adjustments to the Pixel Pass system.