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The Plague Doctor Zombie is a boss from the Dead City Raid map. It spawns in when the objective has been completed in the hospital section of the Dead City map. It also is the boss in wave 2 of Monster Siege.


It appears to be a thin, green-skinned enemy with a lab coat and a black plague doctor mask. It has a tail-like appendage and a "branch" that sprouts from its left shoulder. It wields a large syringe styled gun which shoots out a green projectile. The weapon this monster is holding also looks like it is holding a smaller version of the Fatal Melter with a knife sticking out of it.


  • The two plants can be dangerous, especially because they respawn. One or two players should focus on the plants and the rest on the main boss.
  • Aim for its head to maximize damage.
  • The monster is able to shoot it's gun with quite a bit of damage, making short work of the turrets in you're clan's fort.
  • Strafting is advised as it's bullet projectille have a somewhat slow travel time.


  • Use the Alien Gravitron to get it back to the starting point of the monsters.
  • Using the monster spawner objects in the Clan Fort spawns monsters, and some of them can help push back the boss like this one to the Alien Gravitron. e.g. Bugs, Golden Cyber Dogs
  • try hitting it with a powerful area damage weapon then ducking behind the wooden boards in the entrance. However, the plants might come around the corner so watch out for those.
  • Try to kill him with snipers such as morgana or sniper dude from long range.
  • Use weapons with the poison mines attribute since when this monster shoots, it stands still which makes these weapons are great counter.
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