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The Pocket Harpoon is a Mythical Tools gadget introduced in the 17.5.0 update.


It is a small, silver grapple gun embellished with intricate gold detailing. It has a golden harpoon at its front, a golden and silver handle, and a golden trigger. A large silver and gold drum sits toward the back of the weapon, presumably for storing the gadget's coiled rope.


This Gadget is exceptional for escaping situations like when the player is in an intense duel or if they want to find cover fast. When used, the player shoots a harpoon, which can reach only small distances. Wherever the harpoon lands will allow the player to be automatically transported to that area, even if the harpoon was aimed at a player. After using the gadget, the player will need to wait for 11 seconds to use it again. The same effect can be achieved by using similar weapons such as the Pulling Sucker Gun.



  • It is useful for getting on top of high places such as on top of rooftops or large structures. It is also good for quickly escaping when at low health.
  • Aim for players to achieve maximum damage in close range.
  • Make sure not to aim at empty space or anything too far away, as the grapple will not pull you.
  • To prevent enemies from killing you in midair, use the Stealth Bracelet.
  • This works very similarly to the Pulling Sucker Gun or the Vertical Grip Device, so use a similar strategy as the one you use with that weapon.
  • Pairing this gadget with weapons such as the Pulling Sucker Gun can grant you a double pull if you use this quickly as it has no delay.
  • Do not target far spots, as you will waste the ability to use the gadget and you will have to wait 11 seconds to use it again.
  • The gadget is useful for fleeing purposes, especially in Flag Capture, when you are carrying the enemy flag. Be aware of automatic/sniper users though.
  • This gadget can also be used in Point Capture to quickly reach points and surprise opponents.
  • Add the Repair Bench to your lobby as it can reduce gadget cooldown. Other items such as the Gold Clan Armor can reduce the cooldown by even more.
  • This gadget is one of the best for Flag Capture as it doesn't make you drop the flag when you use it.


  • Strafe around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Try running away, in particular, try rocket jumping away from its users.
  • Pick off users from long range.
  • Equip the Cyber Phoenix to disable your opponents' gadgets.
  • If a user lands on you, try to fend them off with a Melee weapon.
  • If you can dodge a shot, the enemy will be pulled to the wall they hit. Use this opportunity to surprise attack them.
  • Use a shotgun such as the Viking or Ultimatum to finish opponents who uses this to pull themselves towards you.
  • Use the Pulling Sucker Gun (or any other weapon with PullingTowardsTarget.png) to keep up with the gadget user.
  • Use the Disabler gadget or a weapon with the gadget disabling attribute to prevent people from using this for a short period of time.


Stats Cooldown
Initial Tier 17 seconds
Tier 1 16 seconds
Tier 2 16 seconds
Tier 3 15 seconds
Tier 4 15 seconds
Tier 5 14 seconds
Tier 6 14 seconds
Tier 7 13 seconds
Tier 8 13 seconds
Tier 9 13 seconds
Tier 10 12 seconds
Tier 11 12 seconds
Final Tier 11 seconds



  • Initial release


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