A weapon that shoots poisonous darts. You will be amazed but some people still use it in the time when there are nuclear pistols and laser rifles. We believe that 50% of damage is dealt with sarcasm.

—Poison Darts's description in the Gallery

The Poison Darts is a Special weapon introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


This special weapon is a prehistoric themed blowgun with some leaves and feathers on it. It shoots invisible projectiles with no travel time, they are darts, as shown in the armory. When darts hit the enemy, they give poison and slowdown effect to him/her. When shooting, there's small delay before releasing the projectile. This weapon deals high damage, has decent fire rate, has not bad capacity and very high mobility. It is a 2 bodyshot with poisoning and a 1 headshot.


The weapon takes the appearance of a wooden blowgun.

The weapon consists of a brown tube with green plant matter (possibly leaves) wrapping the exterior of the tube, and three feathers (orange, purple, and blue) at the front of the tube.


This blowgun shoots out a poisonous blowpipe with instant bullet travel time, a small hitbox and high damage. This blowpipe has a poison effect, making the opponent lose extra health because of the poison effect.

This weapon has a single shot system, so technically, it doesn't have a reload like a gun with a clip. It has no delay mechanics.

Since it has no delay mechanics, it is a great weapon for 3 Category Spam. It is useful since it can be switched from an output delay weapon and immediately shoot without any delay and be switched to an input delay weapon without giving a delay.


This weapon deals a high amount of damage, has a medium fire rate, a medium accuracy, good ammo capacity and high mobility.


  • The poison can be used to weaken enemies. This can be combined with a fast firing Primary weapon to finish off poisoned enemies.
  • It offers high mobility, making it effective when strafing around enemies and traversing long distances. The mobility is the same as the Elder Force Saber.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • This weapon is best used in medium ranges. Due to the lack of a scope, and the low fire-rate, the dart blower is best used with some distance between yourself and others.
  • It's optimal to stay behind cover and peek out to shoot a dart, then go back under. The poison is very effective combined with the high damage.
  • Watch your capacity; it's easy to waste ammo.
  • It is best if you drop down from a tall place on the map and shoot at someone on the ground.
  • You can 3 Category Spam this weapon if you have the right pattern as of the 16.6 update, because the weapon doesn't have delay with most guns.
  • Keep your crosshair on the enemy's head while firing, as there's a delay before firing.


  • Area damage and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • When hit, retreat back to cover until the Slow Down Targets attribute expires.
  • Constantly try strafing; the fire rate of the weapon, the decently low accuracy, and the low AOE makes it hard for your opponent to hit you. Keep in mind that as soon as one of the darts hits you, you'll be severely damaged, and slowed down.
  • Shotguns and areas damage weapons can decimate its users.
  • Engage its users in a long range attack because there is a range limit.
  • Try to sneak behind the user and finish him/her with a high damaging shotgun or melee.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Use this in combination with either a fast firing Primary or Backup weapon or a high damaging weapon such as a Sniper. Poison the enemy first then finish them off while they are immobilised.

  • This weapon is mostly a backup weapon or a "chip" weapon. It should mainly be used to weaken enemies or to finish off weakened opponents, therefore, a good primary and a sniper or a heavy should be able to cover this weapon's weak spots.



  • Initial release.


  • The weapon is buffed to the point of being able to one shot someone.


  • The glitch with the "Slow the Target" attribute is fixed.


  • Despite taking the appearance of a blowgun, the user does not actually blow into the back part of the tube. Instead, the dart launches when firing and the user loads another one in.
  • During the 15.1.0 update, this weapon was buffed to the point where it can almost one shot someone.
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