The Poisonous Grasshopper is a Special weapon introduced in the 17.4.0 update.


This is a high-damaging Alien themed weapon that has purple, red, pink, and green colours in it. This weapon has high damage, average mobility, medium capacity and medium mobility.


It appears to be an alien-like grasshopper in the shape of a gun. It has pink/purple/red body with a blue pistol grip, a pair of green antennae at the front, and yellow/green eyes with black pupils behind the "mouth" of the weapon. It also features a green magazine at the bottom of the weapon, and a green foregrip at the front of the weapon.


The weapon has high damage. It shoots orange-green projectiles that ricochet and bounce off the solid objects. After bouncing some time, if projectiles didn't hit any enemies, they will lie on the ground. If an enemy touches it, it will explode and deal some damage to opponent with the Poison effect. If projectiles don't hit the enemy directly, with ricocheting or like mines, they will just disappear. While shooting, the weapon's paws(located on its highest part) are going up and down and the eye on the weapon is opening and closing.

While reloading, the magazine is taken off and the eye on the weapon is slowly turning from one side to other. Then, it's put back. The reload lasts for 2 seconds.



  • Use this in short ranges for definite kills.
  • Use the "ricochet" attribute to your advantage
  • Use this to spawn-trap opponents, using the "poison mines" attribute to your advantage.
  • Use this like you would the Instigator (better yet, the Toxic Bane due to similar fire rate).


  • Attack from far behind and snipe the opponent from there.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a 85+ mobility weapon, like the Dark Force Saber. Equip a Shotgun weapon like Ultimatum for close ranges and Sniper weapon like Photon Sniper Rifle for long ranges.



  • Initial release.


  • It is based off the infamous insect, the grasshopper.
  • This weapon is a part of the Alien Super Lottery.
  • This and the Shrimposaur are the first 2 weapons to have a moving eye the third being Last Cry.
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