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The Police Double Headed Zombie is a mutated zombie in a police uniform. It is the boss in Farm and the first boss in Campaign but can also be found in Prison and Bridge. He will drop the Uzi-Uzi. You can also find these as a mini boss in Arena in wave 4.


It is a bulky zombie with a main head and a deformed second head. It is wearing a police outfit with the left sleeve ripped and blood spots in various places. It also wears white gloves.


It will run at you and attempt to hit you by raising its arms up and touching you with them. For some reason, it needs to be closer to deal damage than most enemies. It can get significantly faster when facing it in Survival Mode plus increased damage. It cannot maneuver as well as other enemies, so it will take a while to walk around obstacles and get to you. However it is normally quite slow.

It also appears as an enemy in Co-Op survival.



  • This monster is the very first boss in the Campaign.
  • This is one of only two Bosses that appear as an enemy in other levels, the other being the Castle Ghost.
  • It can be stronger in Co-Op Survival and in Arena.
  • The newest model of the Boss has 2x2 orange red eyes instead of 1 pixel eyes.
  • Despite it being the boss in the Farm level, it is commonly found in the Prison and Bridge levels.
  • It probably was a policeman who died whilst fighting zombies.
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