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This is removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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The Potion of Regeneration was one of the [[::Category:Potions|potions]] of Pixel Gun. It could only be purchased through the Potions section of the Armory in the pause menu during a match.

The old look of the potion of Regeneration until version 8.2.1 came


The bottle had soft edges that made it look a bit rounder and it had 2 handles. 


The Potion of Regeneration granted a player 1 life per 10 seconds.


The Potion of Regeneration lasted 2 minutes.


The Potion of Regeneration cost 5 Coin.png and buying gave you 1 potion.


  • The old look of the potion resembles Mojangs Minecraft Potion of Regeneration. They changed it due to the Copyright issues of Mojang.
  • It has been removed in the 9.0.4 update.
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