Removed Symbol
This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
Removed Symbol

The Potion of Regeneration was one of the potions of Pixel Gun. It could only be purchased through the Potions section of the Armory in the pause menu during a match.

IMG 0120 (2)

The old look of the potion of Regeneration until version 8.2.1 came


The bottle had soft edges that made it look a bit rounder and it had 2 handles. 


The Potion of Regeneration granted a player 1 life per 10 seconds.


The Potion of Regeneration lasted 2 minutes.


The Potion of Regeneration cost 5 Coin and buying gave you 1 potion.


  • The old look of the potion resembles Mojangs Minecraft Potion of Regeneration. They changed it due to the Copyright issues of Mojang.
  • It has been removed in the 9.0.4 update.
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