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We have stolen this claw from a crane machine. It has always taken all of the toys from it and the owners of the shop where it was situated found it detrimental and wanted to sell it.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Power Claw is a Melee weapon introduced in the 10.5.0 update of Pixel Gun 3D. It was originally only obtainable as a rare prize from the Lucky Chest, but now, it requires 250 parts to craft.


It is a red claw gauntlet that attacks players in close range. The Power Claw features very high damage, moderate attack speed, and slightly above-average mobility.


The Power Claw is a red and yellow metal box with three mechanically movable claws attached to the sides and top of the box. It fits onto the player's right hand through an opening in the back of the weapon. Two black tubes can be seen at the bottom.


When the player holds down the attack button, the claw starts to move and attack enemies at a melee-range. It has no other attribute that makes its performance special, other than the melee attribute.



  • The Power Claw, much like many other melee weapons, can only deal damage at around touching range. Keep this in mind as you attack.
  • The Power Claw, like a few other melee weapons, also has a second attack long delay, which makes it extremely hard to use this weapon against another melee weapons.
  • This weapon is best used in conjunction with the Mr. Deejay due to the Power Claw's small attack range and attack delay. Use the Mr. Deejay to attack players if they get out of your attack range.
  • Attack from the flank or rear to catch the enemy by surprise and gain an advantage.
  • Have a reliable ranged weapon on hand so you can attacked from a distance.


  • The Power Claw is completely ineffective outside of its very short range. Keep your distance and eliminate the user with a ranged weapon.
  • If a Power Claw user gets close to you, outrun them with a weapon of higher mobility or rocket jump away.
  • Use a high damage weapon or a primary to easily kill the player using the weapon.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a long-ranged weapon ready with you, as this weapon would really only be used in ambush attacks or urgent situations.


  • The Power Claw is one of four weapons exclusive to the Lucky Chest, the others being the Golden Friend, the Candy Baton, and the Spark Shark.
  • Depending on one's luck, the Power Claw may take upwards of 300 Special Gifts to obtain.
  • The Power Claw has been removed in the 11.0.0 update.
    • The Power Claw has been added back that following day and has been nerfed to 11 damage like the Candy Baton.
    • It was buffed in the 11.3.0 update, with an efficiency up to 25.
    • However, in the 12.1.0 update, its efficiency was nerfed to 11 once again, and 2 upgrades were given.
  • This weapon looks very similar to the Gunslinger from Team Fortress 2.


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