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‚Äú A folksy shotgun. But what did you want from the prehistoric engineers? ‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒPrehistoric Shotgun's description in the Gallery

The Prehistoric Shotgun is a Primary weapon introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


It is a prehistoric-themed weapon that shoots multiple bullets with a spread. It does a good amount of damage, has a decent fire rate, low capacity, and average mobility. It is a 1 shot headshot if all bullets hit.


It appears to be a crudely made shotgun, where it uses bones, likely a femur, for the main body, the stock, and the iron sight. The ribs and some fleshy materials house the barrel.


Being a shotgun, this weapon performs best at close range. It can shoot multiple bullets at once with a certain spread. Moreover, these bullets have an instant bullet travel time.

When reloading, the front barrel is opened and the player puts ammo inside.

It gives delay on some weapons that are associated with Three Category Spam like the Thunderer and the Reflector. It also receives a delay if those weapons were shot, then quickly switched to this weapon.



  • Use this at a close range, as it is a shotgun.
  • Try to conserve ammo. It does not have a lot, and it is recommended to bring along another weapon that has more ammo.
  • Aim for the head as this will allow for headshots.
  • Try to land every shot due to low capacity and moderate reload time.


  • As with all shotguns, attack from a distance.
  • Only engage with other more powerful shotguns or powerful melee weapons.
  • Make the user waste their ammo by jumping and strafing since they only have 4.
  • Try outrunning them by using weapons with higher or average mobility. Weapons with 75 mobility above will be sufficient enough to help you get away from them.

Recommended Maps

  • Coliseum or any other close ranged maps.

Equipment Setups

Always have a sniper and backup for close-range and long-range duels.

  • This weapon is made as your all-around powerful shotgun. However, since this is a shotgun, it obviously only can give you maximum efficiency and good gameplay in close ranges, so always have a sniper rifle and a backup weapon so you can use it in situations this shotgun cannot.



Initial release date.


This weapon was removed from the armory for unknown reasons.


It was brought back into the Armory (PG3D)


  • This is used for Three Category Spam.
  • Despite the name being called "Prehistoric", some (relatively sophisticated) metal parts are seen jutting out. Giving it more the theme of a crude weapon than a prehistoric gun.
  • It is currently 1 shot headshot when maxed out.


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