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A private match is a Pixel Gun 3D match that can only be played by those who have access to it by knowing its password. Private matches are never accessible outside the "Private" button and they are only available in Team Fight, Deathmatch and Free Play. Some private matches can have default settings and others can have them customized.


Example of a selction of private matches

The player has to scroll to the bottom of the Map Selection to be able to view the "Private" button, then tap on that button. When they do so, they gain access to a wide variety of private matches.

Private matches are indicated by the image of the map, their name at the bottom of it, the size of the map on the right, and the amount of players that are in it on the left. Some matches don't have the "Custom roles" indication and that is because these matches are played in the default settings as played in most public matches, while others do have this indication because there are settings alternative to the default private matches and most public matches. This would include changing the jump height, weapon damage, travel speed, and more.

If a player wants to find a server that their friend has just made with it being called, for example, "Hunter's server", the player can click on the "Search" button on the bottom of the screen, type in that server's name, and join it, assuming that player also typed in the correct password to that server.

Some servers, especially ones with custom rules, may have an indication of what the password is to the private match because they don't want to make the server private, but are always obliged to when they add custom rules.


Server creation screen without any filled in fields

Server creation screen with name and passwords fields being field in

A player can create a private match by going to "Private", then tapping the green "Create" button on the bottom right corner of the screen. When they do so, they go to the server creation screen, where there is a full selection of maps (depending on the mode they are in), and above the map selection are the name and the password fields. Both the name and the password fields are a requirement for the creation of the private match.

Optionally, the player can click on the blue "Customize" button to add custom settings, like weapon damage value, travel speed value, permitted weapon categories, and so on and so forth. Once the player is done by at least selecting the map, filling in the name and the password, they can click on "Create" to host their private match.


PM Custom Settings 1.jpg
PM Custom Settings 2.jpg

In the 20.0.0 update, optional customization settings for the private match were introduced. These settings change various features of gameplay. These settings include:

  • Modifiers: weapon damage value (ranging between 1% and 500%), headshot weapon damage value (ranging between 1% and 500%), jump height value (ranging between 1% and 200%), and travel speed value (ranging between 1% and 200%).
  • Rules: permitted weapon categories (the player can select which weapon categories are allowed and they are allowed to deselect up to 5 weapon categories), disabling equipment effects (this includes wear and craft items), disabling modules, hiding nicknames, headshot damage only (this means that the players never take damage from the body and only from the head), no pets, no gadgets, and realistic shooting (which means weapons only perform realistically).
  • Additionally: camera view (either first person view like in most modes or third person view like in Battle Royale, Free Play, and some Brawls and movement type (including standard movement which is basically normal movement, cyber movement which means generally faster movement, and realistic movement which means generally slower movement and fall damage).
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