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The Profile in game as of 15.1.0

The Profile is a feature that can be accesses ingame via the bottom icons in the lobby. The profile displays all statistics of the player, including kills, wins, etc. There are tabs for multiplayer, the campaign, leagues and achievements.


The multiplayer tab will display the player's total wins of each game mode such as Team Fight and Duel. In addition, the player's performance stats are also displayed, those being the total amount of player kills, their kill/death ratio, and their overall accuracy with weapons.


The adventure tab will display the player's progress of the campaign, such as the number of levels they have completed for each world and the amount of stars they have gained for each level. In addition, the tab will also track the player's progress in finding hidden gems and coins in each level.


The leagues tab will display the player's current league and the progress for the next league. It will also show the awards for each league.


The achievements tab will display the player's progress in earning achievements. Each achievement will be listed with the progress of the player.


  • In the 15.1.0 update, Block Crash wins were replaced with Battle Royale wins.
  • As of now, the multiplayer tab will not track the player's Siege wins.
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