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The Prophet Staff is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 21.0.0 update.


The Prophet Staff is a Heavy weapon of the Mythical grade introduced in the 21.0.0 Vikings Season. It deals good damage, with a slow fire rate and a decent capacity.


It takes the appearance of a medieval-themed magical staff. The player wields both the staff and it's Shield. The staff is composed of mostly vegetation surrounding the bottom and spiraling up to a dark gray slab which is mounted on the top with a crystal floating in the middle; containing blue energy.


When the fire button is held, the player raises the staff; generating energy until it's full charge and waiting for it to emitted. When the fire button is let go, the staff hits the ground; releasing green and blue energy and damaging, poising Poison.png and slowing down SlowsDownTarget.png players within it's range. In addition, when the Prophet Staff is at full charge, it gains the ability to pull enemies in it's range with GravitationForce.png .

This weapon has Fixed Delay, meaning that every time a player switches to this from another weapon; it has a short pull out animation lasting less than half a second.



  • Use this to slow escaping enemies.
  • Use this weapon somewhat similar to the Maximum Cruelty, as its charge time and damage is about the same.
  • It has a hidden effect: Gravitational Force so use it to make your enemies immobile and finish them with a high damage primary.


  • Take out it's user(s) from long ranges.

Recommended Maps

Classic Pool

Silent School

And other small maps with corridors

Equipment Setups



  • Initial release.


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