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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article is about a Pixel Gun 3D weapon, if you were looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Prototype (PGW).
Are you looking for its Legendary counterpart: the Prototype S?
The first prototype railgun using Portalium. The terrifying ideas of taking over the world appeared in the head of Gordon soon after the creation of it.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Prototype, formerly known as the Prototype-PSR 1, is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 5.3.0 update. It is created by Gordon, an “Easter egg” character in Pixel Gun 3D.


The Prototype is a futuristic laser sniper rifle that fires a Portalium laser capable of piercing through obstacles and other players. It uses a 4x zoom scope, average capacity, low mobility, slow fire rate, and reload time.


It has a grey body, with an orange battery as it’s magazine. The energy source in the barrel is neon purple, with two spring-loaded rings around it. There is a silver "1" painted on it, possibly markings from either its manufacturer, its upgrade model, or possibly from its former name, Prototype PSR 1. It fires purple Portalium lasers. After the player reloads the weapon, the player hits a button on the receiver of the weapon that allows it to be fired again.


An effective Sniper Rifle and an iconic sniper rifle of Pixel Gun 3D veterans, the Prototype fires a hit scan laser that can pierce possesses the wall-break attribute, which deals a high amount of damage output from its initial level to the maximum level. It has a normal amount of capacity when compared to other sniper weapons, but it fires slower than some sniper weapons. Its 4X scope can be effective at medium to long ranged firefights.

When reloading, the orange energy clip is taken out, then put back, then the pink buttons are pressed on. It receives a delay if weapons associated with Three Category Spam like the Thunderer and the Reflector were shot, then quickly switched to this weapon.



  • Have an Xray Weapon With You, Such As The Treasurer, To See Where Your opponents are.
  • This weapon has a somewhat low capacity, try to make sure every shot counts. If a target is extremely mobile, it is better to use something that slows the target, then execute them with this weapon.
  • Use this weapon at long range with the scope.
  • Try to strafe around when using this weapon, especially in Sniper Forts, as this is mostly a 2 shot and weapons such as the Morgana will easily take you out if they can locate you fast enough.
  • Aim on the head to maximize damage per shot.
  • This weapon requires a lot of accuracy, not as much as a slower sniper like the anti-hero rifle but enough
  • This sniper is usually NOT a one shot even to the head at epic rarity. If so, it is most likely due to a grade upgrade, or they have weak armor or health, or a high level elemental module. This means you should prepare for forms of retaliation if using this.
  • Make sure to reload every time you secure a kill, however be sure you are safe.
    • If you need to reload while in a fight, wear max Sniper Cape and Cowboy Hat to decrease reload time.
    • Turning this weapon into a Legendary would make it better than the Prototype S due to the ammo capacity and faster firerate, so if you have the gems it would be well worth upgrading it.
    • You can hit the other opponent if they try to take cover.


  • Take advantage of the weapon's laser trail to find where the opponent is located regardless of getting hit.
  • Use other snipers, preferably wall-break ones, to counter this. The Third Eye is also a good idea as you can locate these snipers easily with its X-Ray Vision attribute, though lacking wall-break.
  • Go in close range and counter this weapon with a shotgun or flamethrower.
  • Always strafe around when using this weapon. Staying in one spot would most likely get you killed by this weapon, even at close range.
  • This weapon has slow reload speed. Take advantage of this when the enemy is reloading.
  • Area damage and fast firing weapons can disorient the users aim. Rocket Jumping while shooting can work well too.
  • Using Prototype yourself can be effective when countering its users.
  • Avoid hallways when users are wielding wall break weapons like this one due to its high damage output and wall break ability.
  • Use a more powerful, preferably one shot sniper to kill them before they can land the second shot.


Information Image
  • Name: Golden
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Golden Skins Chest, previously costed 210 Gem.png
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 11.0.0
Gold prototype.png
  • Name: Mythical Power
  • Cost: Depends on the player's level.
  • Quality change: EpicMythical
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 17.3.0

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Carry around a high-mobility weapon to easily traverse around the map as well as finding sniping spots.
  • An automatic Primary or Backup weapon to finish off a weakened opponent.


This weapon is undoubtedly one of the most popular weapons in the game. When accessible to many players (like in the Armory at a cost that many players can afford), many players would want to buy it. It is often loved and wanted by many players and was known to be a classic weapon in this game.

Some of the very old players originally used the Prototype because that is the first sniper to have a similar performance of being a sniper that shoots a laser that goes through walls. Though, it did get a decrease in popularity with the addition of the Anti-Hero Rifle and other snipers with this performance.



  • The Prototype (then named Prototype-PSR 1) is added in the game.


  • The Prototype now has two upgrades. The original model now has a "1" on the weapon's buttstock.

5.3.0 - 8.2.1

  • The Prototype-PSR 1 is renamed to Prototype.


  • The Prototype's firing and reloading animations does not have its purplebox pop out from the receiver, shortening its animation.


  • The Golden skin is added for the Prototype.


  • For optimization purposes, the Prototype's upgrade models are removed from the game.


  • Severely reduced its Power to 4-5 headshots kill.


  • Heavily buffed the Prototype's damage, to match the Prototype S's Efficiency.


  • Fixed a bug when the Prototype can easily devastate opponents regardless of upgrades.


  • The Prototype's purple box from its receiver is restored, only for its reload animation.


  • Its capacity is increased from 4 to 8 and its fire rate is buffed.


  • Its damage was increased by 30%


  • Its damage was increased by 7%


  • It received a new animation for firing and reloading.


Note: This history is not directly present in the Pixel Gun 3D series. Instead, it is more of an “easter egg” type side story.

Through Gordon's research, he and his team discovered a portal-creating element known as Portalium (unofficially named 'portal crystal'), which they found fascinating and somehow weaponized it, and the Prototype was born in Area 52.


The almighty Prototype! The first gun in the game the wall-break. The real version of this weapon is kept in the office of the developers

—Developer's description in Gallery

  • As mentioned in the quote above, it was the first railgun-type sniper rifle introduced into the game with wall-break and piercing attributes. Since then, many other similar weapons such as its much more expensive successor the Anti-Hero Rifle and a backup in the form of the Exterminator have been introduced, however, this weapon still holds a place in many veteran players' hearts over its modern versions purely for nostalgic purposes.
  • Along with other weapons, even though this gun deals massive damage, it cannot kill certain mobs or bosses in Campaign or Arena in one shot. Especially for the case in Raid or Monster Siege.
  • It is unknown what kind of weapon it's based on though it draws some resemblance to some weapons:
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Storm PSR (Piercing Sniper Rifle).
    • It is vaguely similar to the Promethean Light Rifle from Halo 4: Guardians (although the Promethean Light Rifle carries much more ammo in its "clip" and lacks the ability to wall-bang)
    • While not designed after a specific weapon from the franchise, it would appear to also be a reference to the Half-Life series, as it fire “Portalium” which could be a reference to Black Mesa’s or even Aperture’s use of Portals, and even more damning is that it mentions someone named Gordon. The most significant Gordon in a Sci-Fi franchise being Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.
  • It was assumed that "PSR" stood in earlier versions for the game for Portalium Sniper Rifle (as it fires weaponized Portalium lasers in the official description), or Prototype Sniper Rifle. But the latter will make the weapon's name superfluous. The official meaning of it is never revealed by the developers.
  • Enemies killed by the Prototype suffer a distinctive death by vaporization, where they are frozen in place and disintegrate into purple colored particles. However, this is no longer exclusive to this weapon anymore.
  • It is unknown what exactly it is a prototype of. Though it probably is a prototype of a handheld railgun.
    • It was later revealed that it was the first prototype railgun to use Portalium as a weapon.
  • Its kill icon is identical to the removed Prototype UP2.
  • This weapon is very common amongst players because of its cheap price.
    • Even though this weapon is used in lower levels, it can be very powerful when maxed out.
  • According to the gallery, the “portal crystal” that fuels Prototype’s beams are “Portalium”. It may also apply to Portalium rifle, Prototype S and other railgun based weapons.
  • It shares the same firing sound as the Exterminator.
  • For a period of about a week this weapon did have a fixed delay, although it was shortly removed due to complaints from players.
  • This gun is one of the most classic gun in pg3d.
  • This is the one of the few armory weapons that has "top seller" mark on the armory as it has been bought by many players for a long time.
  • Sometimes, you will see 3 Prototypes in the offer block while the app is freezing at the lobby(after loading completely or after play a match and go back to the lobby) .
    • This will be easily more noticeable with the old devices.
    • This weapon would not even be considered a true railgun due it firing no physical projectile.


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