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This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
Removed Symbol

Pyramid Head was the boss in the campaign map School and the final boss for the Pixelated World campaign.


This boss is like a Pyramid Head Minion, but he carries The Great Knife in his right hand and has a large pyramid shaped helmet. Its skin seems colored tan because of the School's natural poor lighting. Basically, it is a shirtless entity with tan pants and a large, grayish pyramid-shaped helmet.


It will run at you with very surprising speed, swinging a large knife downwards at you when within reach. It has seemingly perfect maneuvering skills.


  • Pyramid Head is one of the major antagonists in Silent Hill 2 and is often mistaken for the primary antagonist of the Silent Hill series itself.
  • His great knife falls in his stomach when he dies. He is the only mob to commit suicide in a death animation. This could be a reference to Silent Hill 2.
  • This, The Armored Devil Stalker, The Rider, The Pistol Soldier, The Rifle Soldier, The Rocket Soldier, The Knight and Code Knight, and the Wizard Boss wield weapons (Unless you include the Military Mech).
  • Many people think he was holding a cane, however in Silent Hill, it's called the Great Knife.
    • The Great Knife itself as a weapon does not exist in the Armory.
  • He is the only boss in the Pixelated World campaign that does not drop a weapon.
  • In the 10.1.0 update, this has been replaced by the Rider. It is the first boss to be removed. This was probably for licensing purposes.
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