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This is removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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The Quiet Island is a Map formerly exclusive for Sandbox, and now available for Deathmatch, introduced in the 10.1.0 update.

As of the 17.3.0 update, this map was brought back into Team Fight and Deathmatch.


It's a quite small island in the middle of the ocean. There's a small house in the middle, which is surrounded by a garden. Outside there are some tables, chairs and a big cake, probably for a marriage. The tables are similar to the ones on Heaven Garden. On the water near the coast, some boats and surfboards float. There are also quartz arches with hearts on top of them similar to the ones which are also in Heaven Garden. There are two blue trampolines which can actually make you jump, just like the trampolines in Destroyed Megalopolis, and there is a sandy beach as This map is surrounded by palm trees. The kitchen part of the small house in the middle of the island resembles to the map Ant's Life. On the side of the island there is a yacht similar to the one in Paradise Resort. In fact, Quiet Island is based off Paradise Resort with some changes, such as the island's appearance. Most of the details in this map is based off Heaven Garden.

As of the 17.3.0 update, the map seems to have less light, and there are many bombs landed on the island, one which landed on the cake.


  • Use the trampolines to make it harder for you to be hit.
  • To kill someone on a trampoline, go on the same trampoline as them and use either a melee weapon, a flamethrower, or a shotgun.
  • You can hide in the house and shoot through the window.
  • Unlike most other maps with water, the water doesn't kill you on this map.
  • It is inadvisable to use scopes on this map.


  • This map includes trampolines, which allow the player to jump high.



Initial release.


The restroom was included in this map.


Temporarily returned as a fighting map. Some changes were made, including more decorations, a floating ship and a trampoline that goes very high. The map seems to have less light, and there are many bombs landed on the island, one which landed on the cake.


  • It's the only map where players can't die on the water.
  • Some Decorations can be found in this map, such as the Cake and the Balloons.
  • This is temporarily replaced with winter party on sandbox due to Christmas.


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