The Rabbit is a Common Pet introduced in the 11.2.0 update.


It seems to be a rabbit with a red nose, black eyes, buck teeth, pink, white and gray bunny ears, white and gray head, white and gray tail, white body, gray back and white arms and legs.



  • A level 1 Rabbit does low damage and has minimal health, but it is hard to notice and is therefore able to finish off severely weakened enemies.
  • Your Rabbit teleports to you when you are far away so you don't have to worry about it getting "lost" when you rocket jump.


  • Stay away from enemies, if they have this pet.
  • Shoot the Rabbit with a low damage weapon (e.g. HellraiserFast Death) as shooting it with a high-damage weapon (e.g. Prototype) is not worth it.
  • Be extra vigilant for this pet if you have low health.


Level Speed Respawn Upgrade Cost Training Points Required
1 4 15 Default None
2 4 15 30 Coin.png 2
3 4 15 70 Coin.png 4
4 4 15 110 Coin.png 8
5 4 15 150 Coin.png 16
6 4 15 80 Gem.png 32
7 4 15 160 Gem.png 64
8 4 15 240 Gem.png 128


  • It has the same stats as the CatDog and Parrot.
  • It would make more sense if this pet would've been introduced in an Easter update, since it is a rabbit.
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